Get ready for Linux Support and Marvellous Monorails in Cities in Motion 2
Everyone knows Monorails are Marvellous, so Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order figured they should add them into their transit-planning strategy Cities in Motion 2, after all they'd been a long-time-coming, sort of like Linux support. more »
Pre-purchase now so you are ready to Conquest Paradise in Europa Universalis IV
Your Conquest of Paradise is almost here as Paradox Interactive have released a new pre-order trailer for the first expansion to Europa Universalis IV; Conquest of Paradise. more »
To The Moon special holiday minisode released
As a thank you to everyone who has played and enjoyed Freebird Games? To The Moon they?ve released a free minisode for people to download that features a little bit of backstory on Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene… more »
Gamercast's top games of 2013: Catherine
2012 was definitely a good year for games, and 2013 was no different, we saw massive releases on consoles… more »
Gamercast's top games of 2013: Charlotte
After the ridiculously good year that was 2012. It?s particularly hard to top such timeless games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, Crusader Kings II or Drox Operative, however more »
It?s that time of the year again, and hopefully you're glued to your PC monitor or TV screen and relishing in your time off work or school, and getting in some good gaming. more »
Bring on the festive cheer with the Paradox Yuletide Carol
Why not dominate a few provinces while you're at it in Europa Universalis IV or Crusader Kings II, what? They aren't enriched with the holiday spirit more »
Enter a strange new world in our review of Gomo
Gomo is a delightful tale straight from the minds of the strange and enchanting worlds of European storytelling more »
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood out tomorrow for Xbox One
For those looking forward to a new game on their Xbox One just in time for Christmas, Press Play's cinematic puzzle adventure Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is out very soon, tomorrow in fact! more »
Join the A-Men in their new bundle pack!
Bloober Team the studio behind the addictively challenging A-Men games has announced the release of the A-Men bundle featuring both of the tactical strategies. more »
Finally time to type out your horrid insults with purpose in the Filth of the Dead DLC pack
As if you aren't enjoying Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL those kindly chums at Sega have released a new DLC pack just in time to get into the Christmas spirit...well it would be a pretty bad Christmas spirit. more »
Episode 363: PC - The Empire Strikes Back
News: No Man's Sky Game of Thrones Tales from the Borderlands Titanfall Broken Age Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze VGX Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed The Elder Scrolls Shrine Ser… more »
Get ready for Silence in The Whispered World II
Don?t get yourselves worried, Daedalic Entertainment aren't about to ruin the legacy of one of the most hauntingly emotional adventure games of the last ten years with a shameful sequel. more »
Delve into the problems with Justice and Morality in the new Crime and Punishments trailer!
Frogwares have released a brilliant new trailer on their upcoming Sherlock Holmes adventure Crimes and Punishments that shows off one of the most promising aspects of the newest Sherlock Holmes outing; Justice and Morality! more »
Experience an Adventure-RPG-TBS-Simulation-RTS-Arcade in our review of Space Rangers HD!
As a gamer, there's a very special moment when you pick up a new game and can't quite comprehend why you had never heard of it, or played it before, get ready to say hello to that revelation, it's called Space Rangers HD! more »
Give a warm welcome to Dovetail games!
They were the most memorably named company out there, but times are-a-changing, and have rebranded their company with the new name of Dovetail Games. more »
Get ready for the Ultimate Remedy Experience in Quantum Break
So you may have noticed the VGX Awards took place at the weekend, this came with the usual torrent of fantastic announcements and news such as Hello Games' No Man's Sky, and a closer look at Quantum Break! more »
Broken Age's VGX announcement
Tim Schafer appeared during the VGXs as well to give us some Broken Age news, it was already a given that they would be there to announce something as they had made sure that everyone would know by informing all the backers via Kickstarter about it.… more »
Tomb Raider is getting re-released for Xbox One and PS4
An announcement that had been spoilt hours before the VGXs and also presumed was that Tomb Raider was being released on the now current gen consoles to look similar to the PC release… more »
Step into No Man's Sky
It was the VGX's last night, and as per usual we had a few games announced, oddly this year the massive AAA announcements weren't really present this year and instead smaller companies and indies took the attention… more »
The Witcher 3 gets a new trailer
Last night at the VGX awards CD Projekt Red showed off a little more Witcher 3, allowing people to see some more of the game, six months after the first gameplay trailer… more »
Be a Viking for the weekend, for free!
Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have announced that this weekend will be a good weekend to be a Viking! The two are offering a free weekend of Steam access to their upcoming close-combat game War of the Vikings. more »