Microsoft also announced the development of Halo 4 at the end of the their press conference yesterday at E3 in the form of a teaser trailer showing the reanimation of Master Chief after Cortana asking him to do so, like mentioned in Halo 3. We?re sure… more »
So it?s the start of E3 and Microsoft hosted their press conference on the 6th of June, their two most interesting pieces of news were Halo related. The first of which is a remastered version of the original Halo Combat Evolved called Halo Combat… more »
Today's episode from E3 focuses on the Microsoft keynote: Modern Warfare 3 Tomb Raider Madden NFL Tiger Woods Fifa 12 Sims 3 Pets Family Game Night 4 Mass Effect 3 Ghost Recon Future Soldier New Dashboard Gears of War 3 Ryse Halo Combat E… more »
This weekend just gone marked the glorious affair that is the London MCM Expo, marking the 19th exhibitition for gaming, anime, comics and science fiction in the heart of London. With an impressive line-up of games backed by Gamespot UK, and a menagrie… more »
E3 is here, and in a few hours the beginnings of the pre-E3 conferences will begin with Microsoft?s conference this morning at 9am; (17:00 GMT). Shortly followed by EA, Ubisoft, and Sony that will keep many entertained before E3 begins tomorrow June… more »
This week: News (0:49): Rage Ghost Recon Online Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Gotham City Impostor Zombie Cow Studios Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Awesomenauts Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Duke Nukem Forever El Shaddai Skyrim details XCOM S… more »
So it may not be the next Call of Duty, nor is it the newest Telltale Adventure Game, no matter who you are, what you play or what you are doing, you need to play Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure. Gamercast love to report on some of the more… more »
The toughest time with L.A. Noire was had right after they had announced the game would be available to pre-order in stores. We had the money ready, but we were not prepared to make the decision regarding our purchase with two packs of bonus DLC at… more »
Majesco Entertainment and Wrestling Superstar and global sensation Hulk Hogan have announced Hulk Hogan?s Main Event a new game exclusively for Xbox Kinect that is expected to release this fall. Developed by Panic Button, Hulk Hogan?s Main Event is… more »
This Summer BloodRayne the seminal vampire game that is not Castlevania is back. However this time Rayne is kicking ass in 2D. Majesco Entertainment has brought Rayne back in a 2D XBLA/PSN title BloodRayne Betrayal. Gone are the 3D environments as N… more »
Hothead Games have announced a new game fixating on America's love of Bacon, a new stand-alone game about the mythology of the Bacon Fires... it is called, The Baconing. We kid you not, players have been promised a lot of fun, the chance to meet some… more »
Pretty slow on game releases with the impending lull of summer gaming ahead, not to mention the fact that everyone and their mother is sat at home enjoying the beautiful splendour of L.A. Noire. Here's our pick of the releases this week. Family Farm… more »
If you had plans this weekend that didn't involve the London MCM Expo, well you might just want to cancel them, because boy will you want to go now! The Nintendo Unleashed tour is set to be in attendance once again, however they have something a litt… more »
I'm going to keep this brief, because I'd like to believe the quicker this review is out there, perhaps the sooner the finale of the series will be released, and boy has it been set up for one hell of a finale. Despite crossing multiple timelines,… more »
Warlords was a classic multiplayer base defence title on the Atari 2600, one that has not seen countless revivals on numerous systems, but has rather stayed itself for 20 years. Atari are finally remaking the classic title for Xbox Live Arcade and… more »
Looking at the bigger picture, Excalibur Publishing have announced Traffic Manager, taking cues from the classic Traffic Tycoon series, you must take control of a virtual city and manage traffic to the best of your capabilities as you make all of the… more »
In support of the Japan Relief Support program, Paradox Interactive have announced two new expansions to two fantastic games in their library, for release very soon. more »
Toss your high-vis jacket to the side and sit down at your computer, you won't need to make do with the harsh smells of the road, flick the dirt out of your hair and boot up Garbage Truck Simulator because you don't have to keep pretending to be a bin man. more »
Ok, so it is finally here, L.A. Noire has been released, it was almost as harrowing a wait as Heavy Rain, but we all got through it in the end, unfortunately there is a host of other very good games seeing release. Here's our pick of the releases this… more »
PopCap Games, the leader in casual games are looking for two very special individuals for two open positions at the Dublin-based company, do you see yourself as a good 'sunflower' or 'zombie', no we are being very serious! more »
Screeching tires to get to the mayors house on time, hopefully that extra armor pulled off as you come head first into a car park full of zombies, but there's no way out but the way you came Zombie Driver excels in its single player story mode tha… more »
This week: News (0:22): Hitman Absolution Gears of War 3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Playstation Network Harvet Moon Grand Bazaar Chrono Trigger Starhawk Alice Madness Returns Shadows of the Damned Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Tekken… more »