Assassin's Creed III will be out this Halloween!
With the countdown over the release date and first official trailer of Assassin's Creed III. You can expect this new outing with brand-new player character Connor while he battles his way through the American Revolution. Officially out on Xbox… more »
Put out some fires in our review of Airport Firefighter Simulator
Airport Firefighter simulator is one of those games that you dismiss for being another quickly booted out simulator, but infact plays out with a half-decent career mode, and attempts to actually be a good game. more »
The all-improved All Zombies Must Die! is heading to Steam!
Doublesix have announced that All Zombies Must Die! will be coming to PC via Steam, with tweaks, tinkers and the transformation that promises to make it the best version of the twin-stick shooter yet! more »
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler out now
It?s not a surprise that everyone loves Bejeweled, and in this day-and-age you just can?t simply say no to a zombie game. So the real question is why has nobody married the two in a beautifully twisted puzzle-orientated game? more »
Observe a living city in our preview of Train Giant
We concentrate our hardest with the complex Train Giant; the newest in the line of the A-Train series, the question is, has enough changed from the last title to warrant a new game? more »
Hell Yeah! Arkedo's next game sounds interesting
SEGA have announced a partnership with Arkedo Studios to release their upcoming title Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit… more »
Assassin's Creed III has officially been announced
Assassin's Creed fans can rejoyce as the true sequel in the Assassin's Creed series has now been officially announced.… more »
BioShock Infinite has a release date!
Today 2K Games have announced some news I've been waiting literally years for, and that is the release date for Irrational Games' upcoming BioShock Infinite. Originally announced back in August 2010 with the most breath-taking trailer I had ever seen… more »
Thomas was alone...or not, in this preview
Thomas was alone is a unique puzzle game that really racks your brain and reaction skills during play… more »
Zone of the Enders HD Collection now has a general release date!
Today Konami have announced some great news for fans of Z.O.E out there. Z.O.E for anyone unaware is Zone of the Enders, one of Kojima Productions ip's other than Metal Gear Solid… more »
Microsoft Flight out now
The wait is finally over! Microsoft Flight is now available for download for free, and it looks absolutely beautiful! Both easy for beginners and challenging for the most accomplished pilots. more »
Save Brain in our review of Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass
Welcome to The Wrestle Zone, the home of Da New Guys; you are invited into the niche realm of professional wrestling, not so niche I hear you say? Well this is no fighting game, so get ready to point and click! more »
OnLive introduces the Indie Showcase
The pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming OnLive have announced that they are will be brining the excitement of indie development to the masses with a two-week Indie Showcase. more »
Sine Mora dated, priced and ready for action
That?s right it?s the news you?ve all been waiting for! Digital Reality, and Grasshopper Manufacture?s joint venture Sine Mora; the dieselpunk Shmup has been dated, priced and is almost ready for release! more »
Episode 282: Jet Set Radio
This week: News (0:26): Jet Set Radio Gotham City Impostors Eurogamer Expo 2012 Xenoblade Chronicles NeverDead Inazuma Eleven 2 Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure Borderlands 2 Touch My Katamari Persona 4 Aren… more »
Shoot Many Robots dated for release
Ubisoft and Demiurge Studios have announced that Shoot Many Robots; a side scrolling four-player co-operative shoot-em-up will be available for download March 13th for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade! more »
Help get video game music in the Classic FM Hall of Fame!
Gaming fans have only a few days left to get gaming recognised in the annual Classic FM Hall of Fame, if you?ve not taken a look yet, it only takes two minutes out of your day to vote for some fantastic game tracks. more »
Jet Set Radio is coming to XBLA and PSN
The day that hundreds, perhaps thousands have been waiting for has finally arrived and that it SEGA announcing a re-release of Jet Set Radio on current gen consoles… more »
KING Art Games prove that Adventure Games are not dead
Yes, Tim Schafer has just proven to tens of thousands that adventure games are not dead, but KING Art have been preaching this all along. So they've announced a sale on The Book of Unwritten Tales to get it out to the masses. more »
Alan Wake's American Nightmare is out now
When Alan Wake?s American Nightmare was announced as a stand-alone digital spin-off it was great, what?s even better is it?s out, right now! more »
A lovely new addition to a slightly stale genre: A preview of Happily Ever After
So I have a slightly secret, or sometimes lesser known addiction to the point and click, seek n' solve genre… more »
Triple Town review: It comes with a highly addictive warning!
If video games had to carry the same kind of health warnings that everything else fun seems to have to these days, it would read "Triple Town is highly addictive? Don?t Start!".… more »