Try out Defenders of Ardania on XBLA or PC!
If you've not heard him, maybe you need to be swayed by Defenders of Ardania's delectable Sean Connery? Pick up the demo for PC, and trial for Xbox Live Arcade and save Ardania from the undead! more »
iPlayer now available for Xbox 360
The BBC's iPlayer application is now available on Xbox 360, featuring Kinect's gesture and voice recognition capabilities. The release now fills a noticeable gap between the Xbox 360 and other consoles in Britain, where iPlayer has been available for s… more »
Welcome to historical farming with Agrar Simulator
UIG Entertainment have announced Agrar Simulator ? Historical Farming that will take simulator fans back in to the old age of farming. more »
Episode 285: Evil returns May 15th
This week: News (0:42): Diablo 3 BAFTA NeoGeo X Lollipop Chainsaw Yesterday The Last Express Twinsen Indie Royale Rocksmith BioShock Infinite Total War Battles: Shogun The Walking Dead Microsoft Studios Europe R… more »
Fight for Griffin in our preview of Confrontation
The Age of Rag?narok is coming to the world of Aarklash, and it's up to you to lead the Griffin forces and take on the Alchemists of Dirz?s abominations as you chase their forces through the canyons of the Orcs and the Wolfen?s Woods. more »
Discover the truth in our review of J.U.L.I.A
It?s 2034AD and where are your crew mates? That?s what Rachel Manners wants to know, but with a slightly un-co-operative, artificial intelligence; J.U.L.I.A it doesn?t look promising in this fantastic adventure game that goes back to basics. more »
Skyrim empty handed at BAFTA video game awards
Portal 2, the sequel to the 2007 insanely popular the first person puzzle game developed by Valve picks up the award for the best game at this year's BAFTA video game awards. While also picking up the awards for best story and best design. Dice and… more »
New screenshots released for Of Orcs and Men
The beautiful Of Orcs and Men has had some new screenshots released showing off the grand-roleplaying game that is the product of Focus Home Interactive's favourite developers; Cyanide and Spiders. more »
Warp review: An interesting stealthy puzzle game
Warp ? PSN / XBLA As a big fan of stealth games, I was delighted to hear about this offering by Trapdoor ? especially since it featured a unique twist on the genre; you play a nameless alien, trying to escape from a secret underwater lab where the evil… more »
A new Neo Geo handheld!
The originally rumoured brand-new NeoGeo portable is now pretty real and has a release date which is fairly soon. Sadly it isn?t an actual new handheld to rival Nintendo and Sony but it is the result of a deal between Blaze and SNK Playmore as well as T… more »
Diablo III now has a confirmed release date
After many years of waiting the date has finally been confirmed for Blizzard Entertainment?s upcoming epic roleplaying game Diablo III.… more »
Control the universe in our review of Oil Rush
Oil Rush is a challenging and often hectic strategy, if you can keep on top of your platforms, equally disperse your units and always remain in charge of the oil rigs the world is your oyster in this fresh and simplistic real time strategy. more »
Feast your eyes on the voice talent in Lollipop Chainsaw
As if having James Gunn writing the game was not enough, Grasshopper Manufacture have announced even more talent in the roster of their upcoming zombie hack-n-slash with a difference; Lollipop Chainsaw. more »
Check out the fantastic trailer of Farming Simulator 2012 3D
Excalibur Publishing have just released a trailer showing off the simulator in all its glory in what could be 3D on your handheld console! more »
Pendulo Studios' Yesterday is dated for release very soon!
Along with a few new screenshots, Yesterday has now been dated for a release a bit sooner than you might think! more »
Build, build, build in our review of Construction Simulator
Construction Simulator is paving the way forward for the future of simulators; check out our review to see why if you are a fan of simulators it should be at the top of your shopping list. more »
You must watch Quantic Dream's Kara tech demo
Quantic Dream are very well known for their forray into storytelling and extracting emotions from a player. Their earlier work was of course creating a more cinematic experience that players could enjoy or just find a bit strange. However with Hea… more »
Utility Vehicle Simulator coming March 16th
A new title is headed to Excalibur Publishing's Extra Play range, Utility Vehicles Simulator is throwing together all of those extraneous vehicles that just couldn't cut it in their own simulators, and piling them all together into one lovely package. more »
Protect the core in our review of The Sanctum Collection
The tower defense is a recent sub-genre of gaming, and every now and again a new spin is released on the typical model, last year Coffee Stain Studios merged tower defense with first person shooting, and it was a match made in heaven with Sanctum! more »
Episode 284: SimCity, ahh hell
This week: News (0:46): SimCity The Showdown Effect Dungeonland Fate/EXTRA Omerta - City of Gangsters War of the Roses RED Frontier Pole Position 2012 Lifeless Planet Microsoft Flight Alan Wake Kara Medal of Honor… more »
Feast your eyes on the gameplay of Warlock: Master of the Arcane!
Paradox Interactive have released a new trailer for their upcoming fantasy turn based strategy Warlock: Master of the Arcane including gameplay footage for you to feast your eyes on the fun we had when we previewed it. more »
Stone Quarry Simulator rolling in March 30th
Simulators are just falling out of the sky these days and Excalibur Publishing have announced yet another sim for you digging fans out there. Stone Quarry Simulator puts you on the career path of a mineral magnate. more »