Learn to web sling in our preview of Alien Spidy
We don?t think you?re prepared for Alien Spidy! The adorable cartoony exterior for an evil and addictive physics based platformer that will have you throwing down the controller in frustration and then picking it back up again... more »
Boy are we excited for Cyberpunk 2077!
Yesterday in a live stream CD Projekt RED announced the full title for their upcoming rendition of the much loved pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk in association with the original creator Mike Pondsmith. more »
Dollar Dash preview: Fight for your money
Kalypso and Candygun Games are bringing out a new and exciting multiplayer-based game where you play as crazy weapon wielding robbers trying to grab the most money you can handle… more »
Get on the couch for some much needed co-op in our review of Realms of Ancient War
Realms of Ancient War is a new hack?n?slash dungeon crawler that brings co-op back to the couch in a faraway fantasy world that has been at war since anyone remembers. more »
Carmageddon returns on iOS and its free for the first 24 hours!
Stainless Games have announced the release of Carmageddon for iOS devices, which fans were able to have a play of at the recent Eurogamer Expo in September. However if you didn't get to play it, you can buy it now, or get it for free if you're quick!… more »
Discover a new horror in Outlast
The horror genre is alive and well in the field of video games even more so thanks to a new announcement from Red Barrels an independent game studio focusing on bringing back the unforgettable single-player experience with their first game Outlast. O… more »
Hotline Miami is given a release date for merciless carnage
Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital have announced that their fantastically brutal top down shooter/smash-to-a-bloody-pulper Hotline Miami will be kicking down its doors October 23rd! more »
The power of Christ compels you in our review of Lucius
The best horror stories are self-contained, gory, and brutal and give you nowhere to hide, how about we flip the idea on its head, we?ll put you in charge of a great evil; a small six-year-old who is more sinister than he looks.. more »
Pressure announced
Topware Interactive have announced that they will be publishing developer?s Chasing Carrots' new arcade racer Pressure, why not check out the adorable trailer? Offering a mix of shooting and top-down racing, Pressure is set in a beautifully colour… more »
Want to win a copy of Transcripted? *ENDED*
We're doing even more competitions! We've teamed up with Topware Interactive to let you lovely people in with a chance to win a few games. more »
New War of the Roses content on its way
The battles have been brutal in Fatshark and Paradox Interactive?s War of the Roses, but now is time for change, and the two have announced that this November a whole new arsenal can be taken to the field. more »
Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes nearing release
Daedalic Entertainment have announced that the sequel to the cult adventure game Edna and Harvey has reached gold status and will be with us very shortly. Get ready for Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes. more »
More Magicka you say? Alright, have some Dungeons and Daemons
Just when you thought the developers at Arrowhead Studios were busy at work on their upcoming game The Showdown Effect then you?d be right, Paradox Interactive have announced the release of a new Magicka expansion. more »
Check out the new animals of Farming Simulator 2013
It?s getting closer and closer to the release of one of the biggest simulators in the world; Farming Simulator 2013, and if you aren?t excited about it, and scoff at simulators like joe blogs, then you may just want to check out the latest trailer. more »
A Game of Dwarves is available for pre-order
It's time to get your wallets out and get ready to devote a large chunk of your life to something new as A Game of Dwarves is now available for pre-order; Zeal Entertainment's upcoming dwarf digging resource management game. Plus as an incentive anyone… more »
Angry Birds and Star Wars join forces
Rovio and Lucasfilm have collaborated together to bring a new version of the hugely popular Angry Birds, this time it is set in the hugely popular universe of Star Wars. Collaborating together they're combining the two universes together to create… more »
Tropico 4 Gold Edition announced
Rejoice, El Presidente returns to us in Tropic 4 Gold Edition allows fans to purchase both Tropico 4 and the revolutionary Modern Times expansion in one brilliant little box. more »
Buy! Buy! Buy! the Divinity Anthology Collector's Edition
I don't think we really need to sell the Divinity Anthology Collector's Edition to you, after all Lead Designer; Farhang Namdar can sell it so much better, so check out this beautiful little infomercial. more »
Get your weapons ready for Worms Revolution
Team 17 have announced the official release date for the newest addition to the Worms franchise. Worms Revolution is set to have the iconic and much loved 2D worms in a side on environment just like the good old days. This latest instalment will have… more »
The wait is over, so why not soak in the Of Orcs and Men launch trailer
The time is now! Take arms and lead the rebellion of the green skins in Of Orcs and Men, the game releases today worldwide, and to celebrate Focus Home Interactive have unveiled the new launch trailer. more »
East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game announced
Paradox Interactive have announced a new Hearts of Iron Game bringing a yet another historical challenge to the table in East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game, a brand new grand strategy. more »
Episode 312: Pikachu is Dishonorable
Shownotes: News (1:08): Nintendo 3DS Liberation Maiden Aero Porter Crimson Shroud Paper Mario: Sticker Star Tropico 4 Gold Edition Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Playstation Mobile GameMaker Home Tycoon MCM Expo D… more »