Kalypso Media bringing Sine Mora to PC!
Kalypso Media have announced that they will be bringing the superbly stylish twin stick shooter Sine Mora to Windows PC! Sine Mora is a shmup that provides a very different take on the cult genre.. more »
Can you Outlast this 4 minute trailer?
Red Barrels have released a four minute trailer of their new single-player horror game Outlast that hopes to carry on the trend of terrifying first-person horrors like Amnesia. more »
There's Chaos brewing on Deponia in the new launch trailer!
Just before the sequel to the smash hit Deponia hits the figurative shelves tomorrow, the developers at Daedalic Entertainment have released the English launch trailer for the game. more »
Get ready for a new threat in Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion
Paradox Interactive have announced another new expansion for the prolific Crusader Kings II that answers the question you've all been asking ? what would have happened if the Aztecs invaded 13th Century Europe?. Wait, what? more »
Pick your Van Helsing
When the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was teased to the world back in June a few of you were a little hostile towards to design and aesthetic of the young adventurer... more »
Halo 4 review: John is awake
As a huge Halo fan who was let down greatly by Halo Reach, I was approaching the next instalment with a mix of emotions. Highs because it is a new Halo game including a new campaign and multiplayer… more »
Merlin: The Game is now in open beta
If you have been waiting to set foot in the fantastical world of Camelot after having watched Merlin on BBC1 since 2008 then you will be happy to hear it is available on Facebook in game format as it's now in open beta. The highly anticipated Merlin:… more »
Episode 314: OMGz MWO open beta!
Shownotes: News (1:03): Indie Royale Halloween Bundle Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Angry Birds Star Wars Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Hotline Miami Minecraft overtakes Call of Duty Krater NEOGEO X GOLD Gam… more »
Get your beard on in the Game of Dwarves live stream!
A Game of Dwarves is one shrouded in history, they live in complex underground empires in the depths of the world, where many dream to tread... more »
Get addicted to a good old management sim in our review of Farming Giant
Farming games don?t usually go beyond the standard harvest moon affair, and very rarely does Farming get brought to the strategy genre, however UIG have definitely hit the nail on the head with Farming Giant. more »
Grand Theft Auto Vice City is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary
Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto Vice City on October 29th. more »
Take the time to appreciate the Farming Simulator 2013 launch trailer!
Finally, the wait is over, farming fans across the world will be ecstatic to hear that Farming Simulator 2013 is most definitely heading to Europe on PC this week. more »
Could the face of racing simulation change in our review of NKPro Racing version 1.3
We review a lot of simulators at Gamercast, but rarely do any place such a heavy emphasis on realism as NKPro Racing. The developers have released version 1.3 that has been in the works for two years, was it worth the wait? more »
Episode 313: B
Shownotes: News (1:55): Anarchy Reigns Bioshock Infinite Competitions Outlast Carmageddon Hotline Miami Pressure Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Just Dance 4 Sonic Jump Strike Suit Zero Minecraft Deadly Premoni… more »
Experience the beautiful Rhine in our review of River Master
Are you prepared to become a River Master of one of the longest and beautiful rivers in Europe; the Rhine which you can experience with a breath taking stretch of over 200km. more »
Agricultural Simulator 2013 scheduled for a release just in time for Christmas!
It?s that time of year again, and all of the annual games that weren?t released in the spring are seeing their release, even in the simulator world. more »
Test your engineering skills in our review of The Bridge Project
Everyone loves a bit of physics based gaming, well how?s about physics based engineering in a puzzle environment of sorts in Bridge Project the game that tasks you with assembling the sturdiest bridge possible. more »
Roll on up in our review of Circus World
Are you ready to manage the greatest show on earth?... Well Cardiff! Book up your big top and stock up your gift shop and welcome the masses into Circus World, a new management sim from the folks at Excalibur Publishing's in-house development team. more »
Want to win a copy of Crusader Kings II? *ENDED*
We're doing even more competitions! We've teamed up with Paradox Interactive to let you lovely people in with a chance to win a brilliant compilation of the Hearts of Iron III. more »
Check out the BioShock Infinite collector's editions
The time has arrived where Irrational Games and 2K Games have announced a stunning collector?s edition for the upcoming BioShock Infinite… more »
Learn to web sling in our preview of Alien Spidy
We don?t think you?re prepared for Alien Spidy! The adorable cartoony exterior for an evil and addictive physics based platformer that will have you throwing down the controller in frustration and then picking it back up again... more »
Boy are we excited for Cyberpunk 2077!
Yesterday in a live stream CD Projekt RED announced the full title for their upcoming rendition of the much loved pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk in association with the original creator Mike Pondsmith. more »