Look behind the scenes of War of the Roses in the first of a series of videos

Paradox Interactive know that they aren't the only ones excited for the upcoming medieval combat game War of the Roses, so whilst in development they decided to film a documentary surrounding the lore, landscapes, armour and battles that are all an intergral part of the game.

The first in the series is a very brief look into a few of the buildings and locations that players will see in the game, and as well as introducing us to senior producer Gordon Van Dyke, and lead designer Mårten Stormdal we get a sneaky little peak at what to expect from their behind the scenes odyssey. Hopefully we can expect the videos in the future to be a little longer perhaps?

If you aren't aware of Fatshark and Paradox Interactive's upcoming third person multiplayer affair it pits the feuding houses of York and Lancaster in 15th century England against each other for some truly visceral and challenging sword based combat.

War of the Roses is set for a release during Q3 of 2012 for PC, think of it like Call of Duty with horses, bows and arrows, if that doesn't get you excited, then you're dead inside!

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