Fahrenheit Review

Cpt. Albert Wesker also known as Charlotte, has reviewed an amazing three games in the span of this morning, and will hopefully be throwing more our way in the future, this last review is a Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy review for the PC. So for anyone thinking about purchasing the game it’s a good way of deciding for you. The review itself lasts 7:27 and tells us her view on the game, concerning graphics, gameplay, sound, value, story and the good and the bad, it's well worth a listen, and I’m sure you won’t miss the 7 and a half minutes of your life.

Download, 7MB, WMA.

Comment from: Charlie [Visitor]

Well, only thing she says is something about not able to be able to play the guitar as a mini-game.

You can play the guitar as a mini game, well at least I did so. Anyways...

15th April 2006 @ 14:50 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

She means you can't unlock it to play outside of the game...unless you did.

15th April 2006 @ 14:51 Reply to this comment

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