Daedalic tease us with a little Chaos on Deponia

Daedalic Entertainment like to tease their fans, and have released a new trailer for their upcoming sequel Chaos on Deponia, and believe me, it really is a tease!

Chaos on Deponia improves on the original with more depth, more fun and the reunion of Rufus and Goal, continuing on from where Deponia left off, the two find themselves back on Rufus' frustrating junk world beneath the beautiful hovering city of Elysium, looks like its back to square one! That’s right, a stubborn character like Rufus never learns, but before he tries another escape attempt he needs to get Goal conscious again, oh and save Deponia from looming chaos.

Chaos on Deponia is scheduled for a release November 6th 2012 on Steam for PC and Mac, so get ready to return to the chaotic world of Rufus, you’ve not long to wait!

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