Burnout Revenge review

Cpt. Albert Wesker also known as Charlotte, has reviewed the recently released Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360. A continuing game in the Burnout series, although maybe it's just prettier than the previous? Her review is a window to if it's worth buying or not. The review lasts 9:22 and tells us her view on the game concerning graphics, gameplay, sound, value and the good and the bad. It's well worth a listen to see if it's worth buying it for a little play, or if it's better to rent such a game.

Download, 9MB, WMA.

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Comment from: carmatic [Visitor]

heheh destruction derby fan i see? like its kind of obvious about the comparison, but if you played the really old burnout games , you'll feel just as nostalgic about them...

10th May 2006 @ 02:42 Reply to this comment

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