Back on the 13th

We've had a few issues over the last couple of weeks which has resulted in shows not being produced on time.

We apologise for this matter. We will however resolve to be back next week, on the 13th (for upload on the 14th), where we shall be formally announcing our competition to win a copy of Dragon Age Origins Collector's Edition for PlayStation 3.

Hopefully Adam will also make an appearance.

Comment from: Switters [Visitor]

I found you podcast a few months ago and have really enjoyed listening. Keep up the great work. Ass-kissing aside, i do have a quick question for all of you. What is your top three games you are most looking forward to next year.
Right now mine would be 1) Heave Rain 2)God of War Three 3)Red Dead Redemption with Final Fantasy 13 close behind.

12th December 2009 @ 04:47 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Switters [Visitor]

Sorry about the misspellings and poor grammar on my last post. Shame on me!

12th December 2009 @ 22:38 Reply to this comment

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