Afterfall InSanity is heading to retail!

One of the most surprisingly interesting post apocalyptic games we’ve played in a while was last year’s Afterfall InSanity an action based survival horror centred on the troubled mind of Dr Albert Tokaj; the psychiatrist of the claustrophobic and suddenly terrifying underground shelter ‘Glory’ when things take a turn for the worst.

Published originally by the Polish Nicholas Entertainment Group, they have announced that thanks to Lace Mamba Global, Afterfall InSanity’s Enhanced Edition will be seeing a retail release in several European and overseas territories in Q4 2012. The Enhanced Edition improves the game’s graphics, the cinematic approach, balancing, adds in a few new elements and some extra tutorials.

The retail edition of Afterfall InSanity is scheduled for a release in the UK November 2nd for the RRP of £19.99, although Afterfall had its faults, we fell in love with the concept, and we can’t wait to see what NEG have changed.

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