Enjoy The Showdown Effect movie trailer and create your own taglines!

Paradox Interactive and the characters from The Showdown Effect have a few things in common; they’re no-nonsense, they’ve been pushed to the edge, and they’ve got nothing to lose! Well, some of those might be lies, but when it comes to the highly anticipated Showdown Effect they don’t hold back, hence their new tagline website!

Generate your own weird and wonderful taglines complete with movie trailer voice, explosive pigeons and Paradox references galore!

In addition to the new strange one-liner site, Paradox have also released a new video for The Showdown Effect highlighting the game’s awesomeness! Complete with some clichéd lines and up-close and personal spotlights prepare yourself to view a man being blasted through a fourth-story window!

The Showdown Effect is scheduled for a release March 5th 2013 and will bring movie-massacre clichéd mayhem galore to your Windows PC, if you’ve not yet signed up to the closed beta, get yourselves over there!

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