Could you find the way back to Ardania in our preview of Warlock 2 - The Exiled
That's right, fake Sean Connery is back in wonderfully amusing Warlock 2 - The Exiled from the developers Ino Co Plus and Paradox Interactive, the sequel sees a return to the fantasy turn based strategy more »
Take on the Rise of Caesar in our preview of Hegemony Rome
The Steam Early Access programme is all the rage these days, but what better idea than the promise of a fully functioning title at the request of your money up-front, after all, fans of Hegemony: Philip of Macedon have been waiting a few years more »
Styx: Master of Shadows preview
A game we had a chance to see recently, was a little game called Styx: Master of Shadows. Now Styx may or may not sound familiar, he?s a small and interesting character from a game that was released back in 2012… more »
Embrace the demon in our preview of Bound by Flame
We were really excited to try out Bound by Flame an upcoming fantasy action RPG from the developers of Mars War Logs and Of Orcs and Men. more »
Etherium preview: There's a storm coming
With a lot of real time strategy games on the market it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to try next, with some massively more complex than the others… more »
Get ready for the new season in our preview of Blood Bowl II
Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive are getting together once more to bring the bloody sport that is Blood Bowl, back onto our PC monitors! more »
We settle into the role of Sherlock Holmes in our hands-on preview of Crimes and Punishments
We took a closer look at the case of Black Peter that we were introduced to at last years E3 where we named Crimes and Punishments as best Adventure Game of the show! more »
See through the eyes of a Terminator in our preview of Space Hulk: Deathwing
No this isn't the Space Hulk you're thinking of, welcome to Space Hulk: Deathwing from Streum On Studio, a first person shooter that hopes to encapsulate the essence and atmosphere of the cult tabletop game from Games Workshop! more »
We couldn't escape in our preview of 1954: Alcatraz
We last had our eyes on 1954: Alcatraz at E3, though we've finally gotten our hands on an early build of the beautiful adventure game set in 1950's San Francisco. more »
We get our hands dirty in our preview of Blackguards
When we first set our eyes on Blackguards it was at E3 last year, it showed a lot of promise but in a hurried appointment you never really get the full extent of the game more »
Journey of a Roach preview: It's ok they're cute
Kobold Games have created a game about cockroaches of all things! Why don't you have a read of what we thought of a small snippit of the game more »
Ready for the end of the world in our preview of Goodbye Deponia
The folks at Daedalic Entertainment know that if your series goes out with a bang it will be remembered fondly, what bigger bang than the potential end of the world? Well its time to say Goodbye Deponia. more »
Things get a little grey in our preview of The Dark Eye - Demonicon
20 years ago the demigod Borbarad covered East Aventuria with the undead, and malevolent forces crawled their way to the damned province, today East Aventuria still lies in ruin. more »
Get back to basics in our preview of Battle Worlds: Kronos
Battleworld: Kronos is a extremely successful kickstarter from the developers from enchanting games like The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Raven, this time the strong adventure game creators have turned to the much loved turn based strategy, and its r… more »
We must kill them. We must incinerate them in our preview of Air Conflicts: Vietnam
When it comes to conflict, you?ll find more than a fair share of games based on historical wars, more often than not they?ll focus on either of the two World Wars. more »
Return to Aventuria in our preview of Memoria
Daedalic Entertainment's newest adventure in the world of The Dark Eye is Memoria, and whilst not officially a sequel, it follows our unlikely hero Geron the bird catcher on his search to find a magician who can return Nuridarinellavanda more »
Conquer the globe or sit happy and rule an empire in our preview of Europa Universalis IV
My dynasty lays in waste for I have found a new love with Trade, Warfare, Colonisation and Diplomacy in Paradox Development Studio's Europa Universalis IV. more »
We enjoy a great murder mystery the way they used to be in our preview of The Raven
If you're a child of the late eighties like me you may have grown up watching great eccentric murder mysteries on the TV, unique characters like Columbo, Poirot and Jonathan Creek. more »
E3 2013: 1954: Alcatraz preview
An upcoming charming yet gritty point and click adventure which features a location that perhaps isn't explored enough in games. more »
E3 2013: The Evil Within preview
If there was a game at E3 which would either be called closest to a modern horror film or best use of tricks on the mind it'd definitely be given to The Evil Within. more »
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 edition preview: I was slain by an elf
If there's one thing that's growing increasingly popular it's casual but addictive games that can be played while carrying out other duties like being sociable or while catching up on your favourite TV program. A lot of these games are generally found o… more »
Return to the land of Borgovia in our preview of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
We made a return to the land of Borgovia to sample the delights of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing once more, and boy has it changed a lot! more »