See a little more of Impire in its Gamescom trailer

Paradox aren’t just focusing on their two newly announced games Europa Universalis IV and Cities in Motion 2, after all they’ve got a plethora of brilliant games coming to PC over the next year or so that cannot be forgotten. One of their most recent titles is Impire a joint venture between Paradox Interactive and Cyanide Studios that hopes to rekindle a bit of the old Dungeon Keeper magic, in fact it’s currently shaping up to be the very evil twin for Paradox’s other title in the works; A Game of Dwarves.

Impire is ‘coming soon’ to PC, undoubtedly there will be more to see of the game as it nears its speculative release, our interest is peaked, after all Cyanide are brilliant at bringing out the character in the more unsightly of fantasy characters.

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