63 years after Day Zero get ready for the search for the Pearl of the Wasteland in Afterfall

After the success of the cult post apocalyptic Afterfall: InSanity on Steam Greenlight, Nicholas Games and IntoXicate Studios have announced a new chapter in the history of the Afterfall world that will take players into a more distant future, 63 years after Day Zero, and they’re taking the series to an episodic format.

The ‘series’ is based around the Pearl of the Wasteland, a legendary City of Wonders that those in search of their identity seek out, for some the Pearl is a lost treasury filled with unimaginable wealth, for others it is a last bastion of humanity where life thrives like it did before Day Zero.

Taking place over three episodes, the series will focus on three different heroes whose motivations, experiences and desires will shape their story, and at times the three may cross paths, as they are each aiming for the discovery of the famed Pearl.

Each episode is expected to run at around one and a half, to two hours long and will focus on Reaper, Hope Iriv and Rottgar Iriv with a mix of action, exploration and saving other characters from threats in the same sense of I Am Alive and The Walking Dead. IntoXicate will be recreating the original Afterfall world with similar environments, characters, weapons, sounds and music.

Afterfall Pearl of the Wasteland is not currently dated for release just yet, nor have platforms been specified, we imagine it will be coming to PC, but until then you can keep up with the project on their Facebook page.

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