Afterfall InSanity is heading to retail!

One of the most surprisingly interesting post apocalyptic games we?ve played in a while was last year?s Afterfall InSanity an action based survival horror centred on the troubled mind of Dr Albert Tokaj; the psychiatrist of the claustrophobic and suddenly terrifying underground shelter ?Glory? when things take a turn for the worst.

Published originally by the Polish Nicholas Entertainment Group, they have announced that thanks to Lace Mamba Global, Afterfall InSanity?s Enhanced Edition will be seeing a retail release in several European and overseas territories in Q4 2012. The Enhanced Edition improves the game?s graphics, the cinematic approach, balancing, adds in a few new elements and some extra tutorials.

The retail edition of Afterfall InSanity is scheduled for a release in the UK November 2nd for the RRP of 19.99, although Afterfall had its faults, we fell in love with the concept, and we can?t wait to see what NEG have changed.

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