Starvoid preview: Easy job, they said...
It's not every day that you can play a real-time strategy title that doesn't suck up hours of your time… more »
A Game of Dwarves preview: Dwarf-filled addiction at it's finest!
One of the most addictive games that I had a chance to play recently was one that I didn't really expect to be as addictive as it was, and that was A Game of Dwarves. Which like the other games on show was also in a pre-alpha state, but was extremely… more »
War of the Roses preview: A violent time in merry old England
Do you fancy something different from the generic modern shooters with all their glorious hi-tech weapons and gadgetry? Then War of the Roses is right up your street! It can be compared to blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but in… more »
Dungeonland preview: Welcome to the darkest theme park ever!
Dungeonland for anyone unaware is the first title from Brazilian based Critical Studios; it is a game where cooperation is crucial when playing with friends; players can take control of three types of heroes who set off into a crazy and treacherous medi… more »
The Showdown Effect preview: You'll have a blast!
One of my favourite announcements from GDC was Arrowhead Games' The Showdown Effect, after watching the trailer I was captivated and knew that I had to play the game for myself. Luckily I managed to have a play recently and even in a pre-alpha stage it… more »
Gemini Wars preview: It's time for epic space battles!
There's a new Real-time strategy title soon to hit the shelves that has gone so deep into the setting of Science-Fiction that it'll be hard for sci-fi aficionados not to pick it up. more »
Experience post-apocalyptic Sweden in our preview of Krater
Whilst still in it's pre-alpha stages, Krater; an upcoming tactical roleplaying game from Fatshark has a lot of potential through its use of exploration, crafting and persistence. more »
Locate and destroy in our preview of Naval War: Arctic Circle
Turbo Tape Games prove that a strategy game does not need an unrealistic or historical setting to be engaging, and their modern sea combat title puts your tactical prowess to the limit in Naval War: Arctic Circle. more »
Fight for Griffin in our preview of Confrontation
The Age of Rag’narok is coming to the world of Aarklash, and it's up to you to lead the Griffin forces and take on the Alchemists of Dirz’s abominations as you chase their forces through the canyons of the Orcs and the Wolfen’s Woods. more »
Thomas was alone...or not, in this preview
Thomas was alone is a unique puzzle game that really racks your brain and reaction skills during play… more »
A lovely new addition to a slightly stale genre: A preview of Happily Ever After
So I have a slightly secret, or sometimes lesser known addiction to the point and click, seek n' solve genre… more »
Enter a dark tale in our preview of Yesterday
Mention Pendulo Studios to a fellow adventure gamer they think warm bright colours, insane characters and humorous dialogue, well get ready to turn your preconceptions around with Pendulo Studios' upcoming Yesterday. more »
Recently I had the chance to check out a very special upcoming PSP Minis title which literally hours ago finally had its name announced, and that game is FuturLab's newest game Velocity… more »
Syndicate of course isn't the first game you'd think of when trying to name an FPS, other games will usually come to mind at first, however if you were trying to think of a four person squad based game that involves agents carrying out their duties. Yo… more »
The first thing that of course almost immediately comes to mind when I first played Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is that I'd already just spent a large portion of time playing another open-world RPG, Skyrim. This is not necessarily a bad first… more »
Warlock: Master of Arcane is a brand new turn based strategy title from Paradox Interactive and their Majesty 2 studio In-Co Plus. Think of it like Civilization, but with wizards and warlocks instead of Abraham Lincoln and Ghandi. more »
We get a taste of King Arthur II with the prologue Dead Legions, lets just say, we're ready for more. The satisfying tale of Septimus Sulla is one of tragedy and betrayal, and has taught us well of our future adversary. more »
It has been six years since Rebellion's highly-acclaimed Sniper Elite hit the shelves to give gamers an authentic World War II sniping experience. Finally, Rebellion and 505 Games have joined together to fulfil those hardcore gamers wishes by bringing… more »
Bust-n-rush is a new game from independent company Techtonic games, with a true indie mentality; their first game is simplicity at its best, and it’s ruthless gameplay makes it one game that surely separates the men from the boys. more »
Are you ready to defend Ardania? Have you got what it takes to bring Elves, wizards and Dwarves together to beat the undead hordes? You better because Ardania is depending on you.... more »
We put our feet into the shoes of Kaiser Freidrich I of the Holy Roman Empire for our preview of Paradox Interactive's sequel to the 2004 cult hit Crusader Kings, and boy were they some comfy shoes! more »
Think back to E3 back in the lovely warm July, the Gamercast team were up to their knees in great games at E3 and were making sure to get time on any game that was highly recommended. Well one of those games was hidden away in a little dtp booth, and… more »