Explore life as a care home resident in the poignant The Apartment
We’re up for anything with a story at Gamercast, and with the oversaturation of games in the vast and vivid catalogue of video games it is difficult to find something actually exciting. more »
Interested in visiting the world of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters?
American McGee’s development studio Spicy Horse have released a trailer for their upcoming free-to-play action-RPG a beautifully imaginative cel-shaded game set on the illustrious backdrop of Japanese myth and folklore more »
Get some Worms on Facebook
Team17 are bringing the most popular worm based game to Facebook! Planned to launch later this year, it will continually provide players with new content and keep Worms as fun and fresh as possible. more »
Silent Hunter Online announced
Fans of the Silent Hunter series may be slightly surprised to hear that Silent Hunter Online is in development from Ubisoft Blue Byte. Online is a free-to-play browser based multiplayer game inspired by the much loved submarine simulation series. more »
Triple Town review: It comes with a highly addictive warning!
If video games had to carry the same kind of health warnings that everything else fun seems to have to these days, it would read "Triple Town is highly addictive… Don’t Start!".… more »
We recently reviewed the Polish survival horror; Afterfall: Insanity very recently and mentioned that the game would soon be available via the popular on-demand free game streaming platform OnLive. more »
If you’re like me then your childhood was filled with fun, pokemon, and more pokemon, in fact you may have even at one time played the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Well you might be interested to know that people still play it! Now onto their fifth gen… more »
You'll need to be living under a rock if you're not familiar with The Sims, well now they've busted onto Facebook in The Sims Social, check out just why it is worth your hard-pressed time. more »
Red Spell have re-created the magic of Theme Hospital, and thanks to i-Jet Media it is available to play on a host of social networks, including Lithuania's largest social network ONE.LT more »
Mystery P.I The London Caper is once again another seek and solve title, this time set in as you may guess London, following the tales once again of a Private Investigator on the hunt for the Crown Jewels which have been stolen by thieves, the Royal Fami… more »
A new developer has stepped into the ring, Keldyn Interactive have announced their first title in development Dead meets Lead. Keldyn Interactive is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg and they focus on gameplay and quality. Dead meets Lead is a… more »
MumboJumbo developer and publisher of the Samantha Swift games have now announced that the newest title Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate can now be downloaded exclusively at BigFishGames . Samantha Swift for those unaware of the games are a… more »
Well who doesn't like zombies? Not many people I would imagine, with the zombie influx (or it may just be a steady flow if you really look into it) either way to accompany Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 Capcom are bringing us a zombie flick… more »
Some of you may remember our coverage on the recent release of Color Cross to DsiWare by the creative picross fans at Little Worlds Studio, well now you can enjoy the innovative take on picross on Facebook, for free. Where it is available in English, Fre… more »