Pucca is a brand well known amongst fans of the East and lovers of anything cute with an Asian twist, she has been around since early in 2000 and has since evolved into different lines of apparel, TV shows and even a theme park in South Korea, well now… more »
Yuji Naka is a name that most would associate with Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA, well that's all in the past now because Yuji Naka is now the frontman for Prope Software a Japanese based company that Yuji Naka founded back in 2006.Ivy the Kiwi? Is the… more »
My apologies for those who may have gotten very excited at the prospect of a new Jet Set Radio game. The reason for the name of the post is that I have created a mini game in WarioWare DIY similar to Jet Set Radio (taking the graffiti aspect and… more »
Puzzle Agent is the first game to be pushed out of the newly created Telltale pilot program; testing the ground for new ideas. So instead of your well-known protagonists such as Guybrush Threepwood, Sam, Gromit or Strongbad, players assume the control of… more »
Join the US Department of Puzzle Research into the mystery haunting the mid-western town of Scoggins in Telltale Games’ newest title Puzzle Agent, which is available now for PC and Mac. Puzzle Agent is the first game to be released via Telltale’s new… more »
For those of you uneducated in the brillance of MDK, you're in luck, as Interplay Entertainment and Beamdog partner to bring MDK2 to the Wii and MDK2 HD to the PC later this year. “It is a great pleasure to announce that we are returning to the… more »
Biodroid, a Lisbon based company are pleased to announce that they will bring Miffy for her long awaited debut on gaming consoles in Miffy’s World. Being released initially as a WiiWare title, Miffy’s World promises to be a simulation game targeting… more »
March saw the release of one of my most anticipated Nintendo WiiWare titles of the year. Having previously been shown a video back in November, Muscle March was mentioned back on Episode 176 of the podcast. Muscle March is the result of what you get when you cross muscled men, a polar bear and a woman with the Nintendo Wii. The story is simple an evil person of some variety ranging from a kappa to an alien has stolen your protein pills and your team of muscled beings are aiming to get them back. more »
Made by the team at Inaria Interactive, and published by Lapland Studios comes Lead the Meerkats, possibly the most unique and interesting game to come out so far for Nintendo WiiWare. If you love meerkats, then read on more »
We were invited along to the Reading Gamerbase last Wednesday to give Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands a play before it is released this Friday on May 21st, the event was great, and with free pizza and soft drinks, the kind people at Ubisoft and… more »
The aptly named Lapland Studios have just announced a new RTS for animal lovers everywhere, Lead the Meerkats is the first game to simulate the life and trials that meerkats face everyday. By taking advantage of the Wii’s control system, players are… more »
Frogger Returns, as Konami brings the classic heart-pounding arcade challenge to DSiWare! The classic top-down 2D gameplay has been updated with colourful 3D graphics from a new perspective, with all new-levels, new enemies and power-ups to help Frogger… more »
Nintendo have got a great line-up of games in stall for us across their platforms; first of three great games coming out on the Nintendo consoles these coming months is Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sequel to the hit original that revolutionised the Mario… more »
We love our WiiWare titles at Gamercast, so we were ecstatic to hear that the hit WiiWare title in Japan is gracing our stores in Europe, this Friday, the 9th April. Akaoni Studio’s Zombie Panic in Wonderland is a frantic third-person-shooter, where… more »
You may have never heard of this title before, but Turbo Trainz has Gamercast itching to get its hands on the new game in development at Broken Switch Studios, it’s not because you are racing trains, oh no. This Wii exclusive title has the player… more »