Bring a little religion into Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham
Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have announced the fifth expansion of the critically acclaimed sandbox strategy Crusader Kings II and it's taking a bit of a religious turn in Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham. more »
Huzzah - he's off now for real in our review of Goodbye Deponia
Surprisingly enough its only been just over a year and a half that the original Deponia raced into our PC's and, two more chapters on and the trilogy is coming to a close with one very special promise from the developers more »
New screenshots unveiled for Bound By Flame
Focus Home Interactive and the developers at Spiders have unveiled new screenshots for their upcoming RPG Bound by Flame, these new screenshots unveil some of the creatures from the games' vast bestiary. more »
Pre-order Contrast after falling in love with the soundtrack
The developers at Compulsion Games behind the beautiful puzzle platformer have released a brand new trailer to captivate viewers with its original soundtrack performed by jazz singer Laura Ellis. more »
Win a copy of Rise of Venice!
We've got another brilliant competition with Kalypso Media! We have 5 copies of the game on Steam and are letting you lovely people in with a chance to win. more »
Welcome in doomsday with the Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC
Kalypso Media have released another new DLC pack for the fantastic Tropico 4 where nuclear destruction is looming just around corner in the Apocalypse DLC. more »
Grow a mighty beard and take part in the War of the Vikings Steam Early Access whilst you're at it
A new phase has begun in the ongoing Early Access program for War of the Vikings entitled Veiðimaðr, to you and me; The Huntsman, this new content gives players the chance to try three new profile loadouts. more »
Are you a Professional Farmer, well you could be in Professional Farmer 2014!
Publisher UIG Entertainment have announced the forthcoming release of Professional Farmer 2014 that hopes to bring in the new generation of agricultural simulators towards the end of November for PC owners. more »
Join the Steam Early Access Program for Magicka: Wizard Wars
Paradox Interactive have announced that Magicka: Wizard Wars has joined the illustrious Steam Early Access program that allows potentially violent wizards to purchase the game and play an early version before it is released! more »
It's almost time to say Goodbye Deponia with a new trailer
It's mere days until the release of the final chapter in the hilarious tale centred around the junk planet of Deponia. The adventure game trilogy from the creators of The Whispered World and Night of the Rabbit more »
Good new Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag fans it's coming out sooner!
Ubisoft have released another new trailer to coincide with the updated release date for their upcoming piratey adventure that looks to capture the brutal spirit of pirates, because they aren't all pretty boys! more »
Ready for the end of the world in our preview of Goodbye Deponia
The folks at Daedalic Entertainment know that if your series goes out with a bang it will be remembered fondly, what bigger bang than the potential end of the world? Well its time to say Goodbye Deponia. more »
Bad luck Watch_Dogs fans, it's been delayed
Today Ubisoft have sadly had to delay the release of all versions of Watch_Dogs, pushing it to a Spring release in 2014.… more »
Nintendo have announced two more 3DS XL variants
Today Nintendo have announced that they’ll be releasing two more special edition 3DS XL consoles in November this year in Europe… more »
SOMA has officially been announced!
After teasing us with two brilliant live action teasers for SOMA over the past few weeks, Frictional Games have decided to show us the game… more »
We are rail fans in our review of Train Simulator 2014
No matter how much people complain, trains are the lifeblood of the transport industry across the world, and their majestic and impressive design is adored and admired by train-enthusiasts of all ages more »
Things get a little grey in our preview of The Dark Eye - Demonicon
20 years ago the demigod Borbarad covered East Aventuria with the undead, and malevolent forces crawled their way to the damned province, today East Aventuria still lies in ruin. more »
Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium launch trailer unveiled for its release tomorrow
In celebration of the launch of Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium: The American Dream, GIANTS software have released a launch trailer for the expansion. more »
Let Farming Manager put your business skills to the test!
Excalibur Publishing have announced the upcoming release of a new farming management simulation; Farming Manager that sets players the challenge to whip an old farm back to shape, a bit like Harvest Moon but with fewer hearts and chibi animals! more »
Get back to basics in our preview of Battle Worlds: Kronos
Battleworld: Kronos is a extremely successful kickstarter from the developers from enchanting games like The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Raven, this time the strong adventure game creators have turned to the much loved turn based strategy, and its r… more »
Pre-order Goodbye Deponia and receive the prequel for free!
The final chapter in the Deponia series is almost with us, and fans eagerly awaiting the last game in the story; Goodbye Deponia are now able to pre-order the game from Steam for Windows PC and Mac. more »
Pre-order The Wolf Among Us for some saving on the season pass!
It's almost time for the release of Telltale Games' highly anticipated take on Fables, the DC Vertigo comic series, and Bibgby Wolf's debut is oh so close. more »