Go quackers in the crazy local multiplayer Duck Game on Ouya
Yes, that's it's name, would you guess the game includes Ducks? Its not a simple duck simulator though more »
DayZ developer session announced for EGX Rezzed
The first developer session for EGX Rezzed has been announced and it will probably end up being one of the most popular sessions if it's anything like it was at the first year… more »
RetroN 5 delayed because Hyperkin care
Retro fans around the world were devastated by the news of Hyperkin’s RetroN 5, you mean you don’t know?? more »
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse dated and split in two
It’s taken a while but Revolution Software have finally confirmed the release date of the upcoming Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse… more »
Journey of a Roach preview: It's ok they're cute
Kobold Games have created a game about cockroaches of all things! Why don't you have a read of what we thought of a small snippit of the game more »
A new addition to the SOMA mystery
Frictional Games have unveiled another interesting video on the website, we hope you enjoy Mockingbird… more »
Save New York in Chainsaw Warrior on Android!
After successfully killing the Darkness in our review of Chainsaw Warrior, we feel fantastic! If you want to feel this level of fulfilment, perhaps you should try out Auroch Digital's Chainsaw Warrior! more »
Keep your eyes on the Running Shadow
Game Insight have announced a new endless runner, no! Stifle that groan, we're not looking at just another Temple Run more »
Sink your teeth into Legacy of Transylvania, available now for free!
There isn't a person alive that can’t gain enjoyment from a good Where’s Wally, or indeed the classic hidden object games that litter the gaming market. more »
Introducing SOMA?
Today Frictional Games unveiled an interesting video on the website suitably titled Next Frictional Game… more »
Can you save New York in 60 minutes? In our review of Chainsaw Warrior
In the year 2032 a trans-dimensional warp has opened up in an old municipal building in the heart of old Manhattan, strange creatures and mutants are seeping through more »
Loving the sounds of Grand Theft Auto V?
Well if you are then have I got the news for you! more »
Quick save New York in Chainsaw Warrior out now!
Boy are we ready to take it like a man in Auroch Digital's release of the classic Games Workshop board game Chainsaw Warrior. The infamously difficult and single player experience saw a release today on apple devices and is coming soon to PC. more »
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs review: The pigs have won tonight
I've had Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra in my Steam account for quite some time now… more »
MTG 2014 Core set Bestial Strength review: Rootwalla go!
Another year has gone by and another core set of Magic the Gathering cards is released. With that as always, comes a fresh set of intro packs for the new players or those of us who like to collect them… more »
Dragon Eternity is now playable on even more platforms!
Yesterday the 5 million player strong Dragon Eternity was released on iPhone, Android and Facebook, adding even more platforms for you to play the game on which was previously only available on iPad and through a web browser… more »
Grand Theft Auto Online looks immense
Today Rockstar Games announced and showed us all the online element that will be launching closely alongside Grand Theft Auto V… more »
Check out the beautiful Morphopolis
Micro Macro; a small team based in Leamington Spa a few days ago launched a public alpha of their beautiful, upcoming point and click adventure game; Morphopolis… more »
Announcing Volume
Today Thomas Was Alone creator; Mike Bithell announced his second game that he's been working on for around seven months now, after the very successful release of Thomas Was Alone… more »
Announcing Lub vs Dub
At Gamercast we're big fans of game jams, mainly because we love to take part in them, be it a global jam, local team based or individual we're always coming up with crazy ideas to use based off set themes. Well a recent game from the Global Game Jam… more »
Are you ready to save New York in Chainsaw Warrior?
That name sounds familiar, think back! Remember the 80s single player board game that was so challenging you'd die '10 minutes' in, well its going digital! more »
Get ready to join the party in Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition out now!
Paradox Interactive and Behold Studios are proud to announce the release of the +1 Edition of the super popular mobile game Knights of Pen and Paper more »