We delve into the past, the present and declarations of love for Paradox Development Studio!
We caught up with Johan Andersson studio Manager at Paradox Development Studio to find out a bit about his studio, their humble beginnings and what the future holds for the company. more »
Gamercast interview Matt Peddlesden on Train Simulator 2014
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E3 2013: Saints Row IV developer interview
After we played a little of the game ourselves we couldn't help but interview the lovely Scott Phillips, Design Director at Volition who we interviewed last year on Saints Row: The Third, what a coincidence! more »
Retro Game Base: A new social retro games specialist store
It happened over a month ago on the 23rd of June but a brand new video game store opened up in the UK that specialises in Retro games. You may or may not have known but if you're within reach of London you could pop over to check out the store. Retr… more »
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We've been following announcements on the forthcoming release of Soldak's newest dynamic masterpiece Drox Operative. Well we've had the chance to interview Steven Peeler head honcho of Soldak on their latest game. more »
We recently posted about the forthcoming release of Shadow of a Soul,the first chapter in a series of games developed by one man. Well we've had the chance to interview that one man. more »
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We recently previewed the distinctive adventure title Baron Wittard and couldn’t stop ourselves from interviewing their writer and designer Alan Thron of Wax Lyrical Games, Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok is their first title, so we thought we'd get… more »
We recently reviewed the brilliant first person puzzle action title The Ball and couldn’t stop ourselves from interviewing their project lead and creative director Sjoerd De Jong of Teotl Studios, based in Central Sweden The Ball is their first title,… more »
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It's Friday, and the question on most gamers minds will be; what game to buy today. Rather than look to the new releases this week of which there were not many, perhaps those of you looking for a game to engage you over the weekend should turn to a… more »
Everyone knows the Halo brand by now, or at least everyone should, the series having sold millions of copies worldwide you can't really not know about it, and with this new addition to the franchise Halo: Reach. Taking place on the planet Reach and set i… more »
Some readers may recall us announcing the date for Darkness Within 2, well we have had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the developers at Zoetrope Interactive, who, based in Istanbul have a team of three, and successfully launched their… more »