A Game of Dwarves review: Keep your feet on the ground
A Game of Dwarves is a fairly recent release from Swedish based Zeal Game Studio… more »
Rescue 2013 is coming to the UK!
Excalibur Publishing have announced that they will bringing a new emergency services title to the UK for PC! Called Rescue 2013, you will be tasked with fighting fires, pulling civilians from dangerous situations, and issuing medical attention. more »
Enjoy some new content in Impire, go on it's free!
Paradox Interactive have announced a selection of new content for Impire, and best yet, it’s free! The new content is a selection of multiplayer modes for both PvP and co-operative play. more »
Let Paradox Interactive seduce you into pre-ordering Leviathan: Warships!
Paradox Interactive are shortly becoming the best publisher when it comes to trailers and they've hit the nail on the head with their pre-order trailer for the upcoming strategy game Leviathan: Warships. more »
Jagged Alliance is back in action with Flashback!
After last week’s announcement of Full Control taking over the Jagged Alliance license, the company has announced that starting next week, a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign will be launched to finance the project. more »
Victoria II Heart of Darkness out now
Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce that Victoria II: Heart of Darkness the latest expansion in the 19th Century grand strategy game now out, so move fast and stake your claim now! more »
Remember Death Inc.? Well now you can play it!! Thanks to the glorious technology of paid alphas
So the Death Inc. Kickstarter didn't pan out as developers Ambient Studios intended, it's alright though, because they have an ace up their sleeve that they've unveiled today! more »
Full Control to develop new titles in the Jagged Alliance series
The indie studio Full Control who are currently working on the upcoming Space Hulk, have announced that they have signed a licensing agreement with bitComposer to develop and publish a new multiplatform game in the Jagged Alliance franchise. more »
Indulge yourself with the Cities in Motion 2 launch trailer
Cities in Motion 2 is now out! How excited are you?! Well you better be, so stop playing Cities in Motion right this instant and get on board with even more dynamic cities, a city map editor, a more varied transit system and co-operative and competitive multiplayer! more »
Pre-order Victoria II: Heart of Darkness and get involved in a vast empire before you set off to Africa!
Paradox Interactive have announced that their upcoming Victoria II: Heart of Darkness the latest expansion in the 19th Century grand strategy game is coming to PC April 16th, and the publishers have opened pre-orders more »
Missing total asynchronous play in your turn based strategy? Look to Battle Worlds: Kronos!
This is where Battle Worlds: Kronos comes in, a classic turn-based strategy from KING art games that brought us the brilliant The Book of Unwritten Tales more »
Daedalic Entertainment announce a new direction with Blackguards
As if the recently announced Memoria was not enough, Daedalic Entertainment have announced another new game that will be taking the developers into an interesting new direction. more »
Delve into The Old Gods with the new Crusader Kings II developer diaries
As if you don't want the new Crusader Kings II expansion The Old Gods enough, Paradox Interactive thought that they would make the cult-games' followers squirm a little more by beginning a slew of developer diaries. more »
Cities in Motion 2 is available to pre-order now!
One of the best transport management games for years is getting a sequel, and its available for pre-order now! You won't be disappointed with this management game! more »
Excited to score a strategic touchdown in Frozen Endzone?
Mode 7 have announced a brand new title in development that may turn a few gamers to one of the biggest sports around! more »
Delve into the choices behind Leviathan: Warships
Paradox Interactive have unveiled new details for their upcoming cross-platform strategy Leviathan: Warships with a new behind-the-scenes diary, official website and some new screenshots! more »
Want to be teased for Sanctum 2?
Coffee Stain Studios have unveiled a teaser for the upcoming and now very anticipated Sanctum 2! more »
Prepare your mercenaries for the Dogs of War Online
Cyanide have unveiled images of their upcoming Dogs of War Online; a free-to-play multiplayer game based on the extremely popular Confrontation universe. more »
There's light at the end of the tunnel for Death Inc. or so we hope!
Unfortunately for those that had backed the fantastic mix of death, business management and real time strategy formally known as Death Inc. the Kickstarter for the project did not successfully make the goal, but.. more »
Company of Heroes 2 release date announced
Thanks to SEGA for recently acquiring Relic Entertainment from the recent THQ bankruptcy they've now announced a release date for Company of Heroes 2 as THQ didn't manage to release it before running into problems… more »
First Space Hulk screenshots revealed
Full Control, the developers of the eagerly awaited Space Hulk have released their first screenshots of the game, and its looking fabulous! more »
Have you got the Train Fever?
If there’s a classic simulator that many still yearn for a remake of it’s Transport Tycoon, and there’s a new kid on the block hoping to turns some heads with Train Fever! more »