Welcome in doomsday with the Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC
Kalypso Media have released another new DLC pack for the fantastic Tropico 4 where nuclear destruction is looming just around corner in the Apocalypse DLC. more »
Let Farming Manager put your business skills to the test!
Excalibur Publishing have announced the upcoming release of a new farming management simulation; Farming Manager that sets players the challenge to whip an old farm back to shape, a bit like Harvest Moon but with fewer hearts and chibi animals! more »
Get back to basics in our preview of Battle Worlds: Kronos
Battleworld: Kronos is a extremely successful kickstarter from the developers from enchanting games like The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Raven, this time the strong adventure game creators have turned to the much loved turn based strategy, and its r… more »
Get ready for Turtle War in Warlock 2: The Exiled!
One of our favourite turn-based strategies of last year was Warlock: Master of the Arcane, well the sequel has just been announced, and it has quite possibly one of the best announcement trailers. more »
Expect to see Divinity: Original Sin surfacing in February 2014
After the hugely successful Kickstarter, Larian Studios are on the cusp of proving you don't need a publisher to create an entertaining RPG. more »
Celebrate the release of Rise of Venice with a new trailer
Kalypso Media have released their new trading and economic simulation Rise of Venice for Windows PC. From the creators of Patrician IV and Port Royale 3. more »
Enjoy trade, a living economy and politics in our review of Rise of Venice
Rise of Venice is a trading and economic simulator, never played one? Well they couldn't be any simpler more »
Can you save New York in 60 minutes? In our review of Chainsaw Warrior
In the year 2032 a trans-dimensional warp has opened up in an old municipal building in the heart of old Manhattan, strange creatures and mutants are seeping through more »
Fixes, improvements, DLC and frenemies in the new Europa Universalis IV update!
If your games of Europa Universalis IV aren't going quite as swimmingly as you'd hoped you might be glad to hear that Paradox Interactive have issued a free update to the tremendous grand strategy game. more »
Quick save New York in Chainsaw Warrior out now!
Boy are we ready to take it like a man in Auroch Digital's release of the classic Games Workshop board game Chainsaw Warrior. The infamously difficult and single player experience saw a release today on apple devices and is coming soon to PC. more »
Make Friends or Enemies in Europa Universalis IV in the first episode of Frenemies
Paradox Interactive have released the first episode in a live-action miniseries for Europa Universalis IV; the critically acclaimed empire-building strategy from Paradox Development Studio. more »
Meet the cast of Blackguards
Daedalic Entertainment decided its about time we all properly meet the sinister cast of their upcoming turn-based RPG Blackguards. more »
Catch the trading system of Rise of Venice in the new trailer
I love a good trading sim, so games like Rise of Venice get me really excited, and why not? Not only do you have the backdrop of Renaissance era Europe, but as a young merchant of Venice you've got the trading empire of Genoa to compete against. more »
Join The Academy in the new Tropico 4 DLC
You'd think that with the hotly anticipated Tropico 5 on the horizon that DLC would be a thing of the past for the much loved Tropico 4; well you'd be wrong! more »
Manage your club to glory in our review of Football Director
When it comes to management games many may remember the good old days of interactive spreadsheets, years down the line, sports managers have gotten pretty complex, and no more are your screens filled with just numbers and stats, but they lay host to foo… more »
Enter the age of exploration in our review of Europa Universalis IV
Trade, Warfare, Colonisation and Diplomacy are your aims in a game of Europa Universalis IV; a beloved long running series of grand strategy that puts you in charge of the decisions of a nation. more »
Rise of Venice has gone gold
Publishers Kalypso Media have announced that their upcoming trading/political simulation from the developers of Patrician and Port Royale; Rise of Venice has gone gold for its release on Windows PC. more »
Get down to Serious Business in Omerta - City of Gangsters on Xbox 360
Kalypso Media have released their free Serious Business DLC for the console gamers that are building their empire in the business simulation Omerta - City of Gangsters. more »
Help test the shady criminal story of Blackguards
Not a fan of how picturesque video games are these days? Well one game that is set to put a spin on too many happy tales is a new turn-based RPG game called Blackguards. more »
Enter the world of 4X fantasy with Endless Legend
Amplitude Studios have gone and announced a sister game to their hugely successful 4X space strategy Endless Space; Endless Legend. more »
Check out Frontier Development's Zoo Tycoon!
One slightly unexpected launch title for the Xbox One was the classic PC simulation strategy Zoo Tycoon, which will be seeing a relaunch on the next generation console. more »
Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate in our review of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes
There has been quite a surge of 4X space strategy games of recent, granted the exploration aspect really lends itself to the vast expanse of space, but when it comes to the fantasy genre, there isn't much to sate strategy fans more »