Made by the team at Inaria Interactive, and published by Lapland Studios comes Lead the Meerkats, possibly the most unique and interesting game to come out so far for Nintendo WiiWare. If you love meerkats, then read on more »
A second new team will be coming to the old world sport of Blood Bowl. From the cold Northlands come the Norsemen, with a lineup of more traditional types of players for example throwers, blitzers and runners instead of the more bespoke player types… more »
Gaming fans close by to London, the May MCM Expo is almost upon us, taking place this Friday at the ExCel Centre in Docklands between 29-30 May where all gaming fans will be catered for, as the expo will have everything from Super Mario Galaxy 2 to the… more »
The first announcement for Sid Meier's Civilization V since their Extreme Diplomacy April Fool, 2K Games and Valve have officially announced that Steam will be offering a special Digital Deluxe Edition via Steam, and in addition, customers that… more »
If you didn’t know from listening to Gamercast, the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty multiplayer closed beta began February 17th 2010, after much nerfing of the Zerg, Blizzard Entertainment have announced that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be… more »
The aptly named Lapland Studios have just announced a new RTS for animal lovers everywhere, Lead the Meerkats is the first game to simulate the life and trials that meerkats face everyday. By taking advantage of the Wii’s control system, players are… more »
One of the worst races to ever take part in Blood Bowl will make it’s way onto the pitch with the release of Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, a short while back we revealed that Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition would include a further 11 races, well we are… more »
Get ready for Trapped Dead, a tactical real time strategy game with zombies... no unfortunately you do not play as the zombies taking over a peaceful town, instead you control two college kids in a similar fashion to Commandos or Desperados, in a 3rd… more »
EA have today announced that they will be bringing the critically acclaimed Sims 3 to Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and DS this fall. ”We’re bringing players the best console and handheld game for The Sims franchise to date and are excited to… more »
Those who you reading our short review on Lord of Ultima, may have noticed at the end that we were setting up an Alliance on World 4. This is just a quick update to give the alliance an official reference point, and also forum discussion. Maybe we'll… more »
I’ve written this article to bring to your attention some of the Simulation games that some of you are missing out on, so, if you play Flight Simulator on realistic mode, or you have to see through the Formula One games for a full season, or have even… more »
Lord of Ultima is a new browser-based online strategy game set within the Ultima Universe, which is available for free, and is designed for everyone, ensuring that newcomers to the strategy genre or diehard fans will feel welcome, and strive in the… more »
Do you know your cultivator from your combine harvester? Do you reckon you can yield a field of crop before rain falls? Well get your tractor ready because Farming Simulator is the game that you've been missing your whole life. more »
Gamercast is pleased to announce the next game in the Blood Bowl franchise, in development by the original developer Cyanide and to be published by Focus Home Interactive, they are now teaming together to bring us Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. In the… more »
We love our adventure games over at Gamercast, and if there's one name that we can rely on; it's Steve Ince. It has been confirmed that his character Sunny will face a new adventure in So Blonde: Back to the Island for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo… more »
A favourite website of Gamercast is GOG who has just successfully accquired another series of gaming greats to it’s direct-download website. The Syberia series will now live on forever in GOG’s collection of classic gaming; this will be the first time… more »
When I first heard the title BlindGiRl I must admit I was more than a little intrigued, could it be that someone was having a go at a sound game? Would you actually be the blind girl? I am pleased to announce the answer to these questions was yes. more »
Biodroid Productions has announced Replika, a new game in development for the Playstation 3 PSN. Replika is an action/strategy cyberpunk adventure that will feature a female in the lead role, the only details that we have so far is that it is being… more »
On other news however, as of yesterday the 11th of March 2010 Telltale started taking orders for the boxed copy, full season of the Tales of Monkey Island. Along with a whole host of special items that fans would also be able to order while purchasing… more »