See a little more of Impire in its Gamescom trailer
Paradox Interactive give us a slightly longer glimpse into their newly announced dungeon based strategy Impire from Cyanide Studios in their new Gamescom trailer. more »
XCOM: Enemy Unknown multiplayer mode announced
Don't groan, Firaxis are pretty good with their multiplayer, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown appears to have a very interesting skirmish mode of sorts hidden up its sleeve! more »
Circus World is coming to town soon!
Excalibur Publishing’s first in-house game Circus World has reached its final stage of testing and is almost ready for release, shortly allowing players to take over a dilapidated circus and transform it into a premier world class attraction! more »
Lead a global empire in Europa Universalis IV
So, Paradox Interactive unveiled their Project Truman over the weekend, and to be fair, it’s one that many have been waiting for; Europa Universalis IV is one of the grandest of strategy games that the studio are renowned for, and now your true dreams o… more »
Paradox at Gamescom 2012
In a week’s time Paradox will be showing off War of the Roses, Impire, A Game of Dwarves and two as of yet unannounced titles currently codenamed Project Truman, and 3000 Miles to Graceland. more »
Welcome to The Good Life
The Good Life combines ship simulation, time management and tycoon elements on a fictitious tropical island full of luxurious hotels, villas, bars and tourist attractions where life is good. more »
Get some Worms on Facebook
Team17 are bringing the most popular worm based game to Facebook! Planned to launch later this year, it will continually provide players with new content and keep Worms as fun and fresh as possible. more »
Are you the UK's ultimate assassin?
Well if you reckon so, get on the Hitman Sniper Challenge and set some UK records with the chance to get yourself into the next Hitman game. more »
Find out The Trouble With Robots August 23rd
If you were eagerly awaiting a release date for the quirky The Trouble With Robots, fret no more, Digital Chestnut have announced that the customisable card game will be available August 23rd for PC from their website for £12.99 alongside a free demo to… more »
Look an Onos! In our preview of Natural Selection 2
Natural Selection has been lovingly developed for a few years now and what originally began as a source mod, has grown into a full game with its own propriety engine, only possible with such a dedicated community. more »
We get a quick glance of the most anticipated simulator in PC history in our preview of Prison Architect
The best way to describe Prison Architect is a loving cross between the Bullfrog management games of yesteryear, and the intricate simulation of Dwarf Fortress, and after playing it, we must concur! more »
The Trouble With Robots is...
Digital Chestnut are pretty pleased to unveil a trailer for their upcoming game The Trouble With Robots, a deck-building card game for the PC inspired by collectible card games but full of side scrolling real-time gameplay. more »
Protect Earth in our review of Unstoppable Gorg
Unstoppable Gorg is Futuremark's first foray into the tower defense genre and, for the most part, they have flourished with their fun new take on the well established game style that harkens back to the era of cheesy 50's sci-fi B movies. more »
Delve into the classic management sim in Pro Cycling Manager 2012
Cyanide Studios have been dedicated to bringing fans the cycling game that they are looking for in the Pro Cycling series, so we have a see if the newest in the series; Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is up to speed. more »
Total War: Rome II announced!
The Creative Assembly and SEGA have today announced their newest addition to the Total War franchise; Rome II a sequel to the highly successful Rome: Total War. With the Romans being such a interesting period in history, Creative Assembly have left 16th… more »
More new screens released for Of Orcs and Men
Since its announcement we've been following Of Orcs and Men, and with only a few months til it's release publishers Focus Home Interactive are continuing to drip-feed us with screenshots. more »
Get the lowdown on the new Crusader Kings II expansion Sword of Islam tonight!
Paradox Interactive and the Paradox Development Studio have announced that they will be showcasing the brand new Crusader Kings II expansion; Sword of Islam tonight like on TwitchTV more »
Tropico 4 coming to Xbox 360 Games on Demand
Want to rule Tropico on your Xbox but can't find the brilliant game anywhere? Well you're just in luck, as El Presidente' s best and biggest tycoon strategy; Tropico 4 is now available on the Xbox Live Games on Demand service. more »
Check out Pro Cycling Manager 2012's launch trailer
With the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2012 just round the corner, Cyanide Studios have released their launch trailer that shows off just how beautiful the game is shaping up. more »
E3 2012: Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 preview
For all of those Magic the Gathering fans out there you're sure to be looking forward to the imminent release of the 2013 Core Set. Well there's also something released just before the physical cards are on the shelves and that's Duels of the… more »
E3 2012: Omerta preview
Omerta - City of Gangsters in development at Haemimont Games the strategy geniuses that brought us Tropico 3 and 4, it is the equivalent of the modern reboot of the classic Gangsters: Organised Crime more »
E3 2012: Broken Sea announced
After sampling the delights of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing; an upcoming action RPG from Neocore Games, we were privy to an announcement for their next title in the works Broken Sea, an all new IP for the Hungarian developers. more »