Want to win a copy of the Hearts of Iron III Collection?
We're doing even more competitions! We've teamed up with Paradox Interactive to let you lovely people in with a chance to win a brilliant compilation of the Hearts of Iron III. more »
The Krater co-op DLC is almost here!
Fatshark have finally announced the release date for the highly anticipated, and long awaited co-op DLC for the Swedish based top down RPG; Krater! The co-op DLC adds cooperative play to the main campaign of the post-apocalyptic RPG. more »
Can you name a dwarf!
There’s little under a month until the dwarf-management strategy game A Game of Dwarves is set to release! In commemoration of this joyous event, Zeal Game Studios and Paradox Interactive are holding a contest to get your best dwarven names into A Game of Dwarves. more »
Kill the Lancastrians in our review of War of the Roses
Suit up! Grab your sword, and head to the battlefield in War of the Roses, the 15th century combat simulator... no not really, but it may as well be in this fantastic squad based multiplayer slice-em-up. more »
Look behind the scenes of War of the Roses in the final video
Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have released the final video in their behind-the-scenes documentary series that takes senior producer Gordon Van Dyke and lead designer Mårten Stormdal to Edgecote Moor and undertake a little horse riding clad in armour… more »
Get ready for Farm Giant a new management based sim!
No not a giant farm, become a farming mogul in the latest instalment in 'Giant' series, just announced for release October 2012! more »
Discover on the big picture of March of the Eagles in the new developer diary
Paradox Interactive aren't hanging about with their recently announced March of the Eagles, and have released a new dev diary unveiling a little bit about the new strategy war-game set for an early release next year. more »
Prepare for the invasion with the pre-order bonus for XCOM: Enemy Unknown
If you want to get one step ahead in the fight against the extra-terrestrial forces then pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown before its release to secure yourself the Elite Soldier Pack at no extra cost when it hits stores on October 12, 2012. One of best… more »
Tiny Troopers review: A small soldier in a big world
Tiny Troopers is an action/RTS where you control a group of tiny soldiers who are on a mission. It may have tiny in the name but really that's only about their size, as in terms of gameplay it has a lot to offer with 30 levels that are spread across thr… more »
Want to win a copy of Battle vs. Chess? *ENDED*
We're doing even more competitions! We've teamed up with Topware Interactive to let you lovely people in with a chance to win a few games. more »
Fend off Nazis from the moon in Iron Sky: Invasion
Renowned Polish developer Reality Pump have announced that they are developing the official video game for the most spoken-of independent films of the year Iron Sky; a dark, comedic science-fiction film about Moon Nazis invading Earth. more »
Want to win a copy of Jagged Alliance: Crossfire? *ENDED*
We're doing more competitions! We've teamed up with Kalypso Media to let you lovely people win a copy of Jagged Alliance: Crossfire. more »
March of the Eagles - A new Napoleonic strategy game
Paradox have announced a new title they've had in development, from the creators of some of the best strategy games out there they're bringing us March of the Eagles, a Napoleonic grand strategy. Napoleon has of course featured in Paradox's games in… more »
Keep terror at bay in our review of The Trouble with Robots
Help! Robots are invading our carefree and simple fantasy world, do you reckon you've got the deck building skills to keep them at bay? That's right, check out what we thought of this quaint, humorous deck building game in The Trouble with Robots. more »
Crusader Kings II expanded with the Legacy of Rome
Paradox Development Studio have announced that they are still hard at work in adding to the most brilliant grand strategy of this year; Crusader Kings II with a new expansion that adds the wealth of the Byzantine Empire into the mix. more »
Want to start playing Starvoid early?
With only a few days until Starvoid’s release, Paradox Interactive have unveiled the perks of pre-ordering the fast paced RTS. Do it now, and you can start playing right away, and theres more! more »
Watch wiseguys in action in the new trailer for Omerta - City of Gangsters
Kalypso Media have released a new trailer for a strategy game that we are hugely anticipating! Omerta – City of Gangsters is a brand new IP from Tropico developers Haemimont Games that tasks players to build a criminal empire in Prohibition-era Atlantic… more »
Are you ready to get back in action with Jagged Alliance: Crossfire?
Kalypso and bitComposer Games have released a trailer for the upcoming tactical RPG Jagged Alliance: Crossfire ahead of its release this Friday, do you think that you are up to freeing Khanpaa? more »
Get RED in the Frozen Synapse Collectors Edition heading to retail
A collaboration between Merge Games and Mode7 is seeing the critically acclaimed Frozen Synapse come retail stores in the UK in the form of a fancy blue collector’s edition! more »
Do you know why you need Cities in Motion 2?
Paradox Interactive didn’t dream of announcing a second historical strategy, and the second game up their sleeve was the sequel to the surprisingly brilliant tycoon simulator Cities in Motion 2! more »
Check out some addictive gameplay in the new A Game of Dwarves trailer
A Game of Dwarves combines a bit of the cult Dwarf Fortress, and the even cult-er Dungeon Keeper, the result is a cute, addictive and engaging strategy game, so why don’t you check out the new Gamescom gameplay trailer. more »
Wait, they're adding online mode to Hitman: Absolution?
What to many may seem like a massive mistake, Square Enix and IO Interactive released just the other day that Hitman: Absolution would be including a new online game mode, now don’t go wishing death just yet. more »