Ready to take part in the Cold War? Have a read of the East vs. West first dev diary
Paradox Development Studio and BL-Logic have revealed to the world how they plan on taking on the challenge of the Cold War, well rather how they plan on bringing it to life in their new grand strategy. more »
Get lost in paradise in our review of Tropico 4 Gold Edition
Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games have performed the godly task of bringing all that is good of Tropico 4 and packaging it neatly into the Tropico 4: Gold Edition. more »
Get a little inspiration and rule your own island in the Tropico 4 Gold Edition
Rejoice, El Presidente returns to us in Tropic 4 Gold Edition allowing fans to purchase both Tropico 4 and the Modern Times expansion in one little box, so you can’t put tropical bliss off any longer, no seriously, it’s out now! more »
Our Van Helsing has been decided
Voting ended yesterday and the results have been tallied, and Neocore’s new Van Helsing has been decided. more »
Get ready for Cities in Motion: London baby!
Now just because Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive are working on Cities in Motion 2 for a release next year doesn’t mean that Cities in Motion has already been tossed to one side! more »
Fray gets an overhaul in the Reloaded Edition
Brain Candy that small development team behind the simultaneous turn-based strategy game Fray have re-released the game in a new Reloaded Edition to improve on the issues that the original had on launch back in June 2012. more »
Go after the true evil in our review of Of Orcs and Men
The fantasy genre is full to the brim with the same old tired tales, and you often find yourself helping out good against evil in the times of war, but what if you took a good look at the 'bad guys'? more »
Welcome to Atlantic City in our preview of Omerta - City of Gangsters
Welcome to Atlantic City, America's Playground, where the boardwalk is bright, and leisure is always the number one activity on the minds of its inhabitants, except there’s a seedy underbelly to it all more »
Get ready for a new threat in Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion
Paradox Interactive have announced another new expansion for the prolific Crusader Kings II that answers the question you've all been asking – what would have happened if the Aztecs invaded 13th Century Europe…. Wait, what? more »
Pick your Van Helsing
When the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was teased to the world back in June a few of you were a little hostile towards to design and aesthetic of the young adventurer... more »
Get your beard on in the Game of Dwarves live stream!
A Game of Dwarves is one shrouded in history, they live in complex underground empires in the depths of the world, where many dream to tread... more »
Get addicted to a good old management sim in our review of Farming Giant
Farming games don’t usually go beyond the standard harvest moon affair, and very rarely does Farming get brought to the strategy genre, however UIG have definitely hit the nail on the head with Farming Giant. more »
Test your engineering skills in our review of The Bridge Project
Everyone loves a bit of physics based gaming, well how’s about physics based engineering in a puzzle environment of sorts in Bridge Project the game that tasks you with assembling the sturdiest bridge possible. more »
Roll on up in our review of Circus World
Are you ready to manage the greatest show on earth?... Well Cardiff! Book up your big top and stock up your gift shop and welcome the masses into Circus World, a new management sim from the folks at Excalibur Publishing's in-house development team. more »
Want to win a copy of Crusader Kings II? *ENDED*
We're doing even more competitions! We've teamed up with Paradox Interactive to let you lovely people in with a chance to win a brilliant compilation of the Hearts of Iron III. more »
More Magicka you say? Alright, have some Dungeons and Daemons
Just when you thought the developers at Arrowhead Studios were busy at work on their upcoming game The Showdown Effect then you’d be right, Paradox Interactive have announced the release of a new Magicka expansion. more »
A Game of Dwarves is available for pre-order
It's time to get your wallets out and get ready to devote a large chunk of your life to something new as A Game of Dwarves is now available for pre-order; Zeal Entertainment's upcoming dwarf digging resource management game. Plus as an incentive anyone… more »
Tropico 4 Gold Edition announced
Rejoice, El Presidente returns to us in Tropic 4 Gold Edition allows fans to purchase both Tropico 4 and the revolutionary Modern Times expansion in one brilliant little box. more »
Get your weapons ready for Worms Revolution
Team 17 have announced the official release date for the newest addition to the Worms franchise. Worms Revolution is set to have the iconic and much loved 2D worms in a side on environment just like the good old days. This latest instalment will have… more »
East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game announced
Paradox Interactive have announced a new Hearts of Iron Game bringing a yet another historical challenge to the table in East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game, a brand new grand strategy. more »
It gets in-tents in our review of Camping Manager
Camping manager, or as I see it, camping tycoon is a new title brought to retail stores thanks to Excalibur publishing, and puts you in charge of managing a camping site, so get out there and design the best darn camping site that you ever saw, just rem… more »
Get ready for an extended fight with The Trouble with Robots
To address a few concerns, Digital Chestnut are currently working on a free patch codename Megamort that will add 10 new levels to the game as well as other new content that will be available in the next couple of months, ready to start building your deck again? more »