First match footage revealed for Blood Bowl II
The first in-game footage of the return to Blood Bowl II has been unleashed, so feast your eyes on Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios' adaptation of the world famous Games Workshop brand Blood Bowl! more »
Get ready for the new season in our preview of Blood Bowl II
Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive are getting together once more to bring the bloody sport that is Blood Bowl, back onto our PC monitors! more »
Manage your club to glory in our review of Football Director
When it comes to management games many may remember the good old days of interactive spreadsheets, years down the line, sports managers have gotten pretty complex, and no more are your screens filled with just numbers and stats, but they lay host to foo… more »
Return to the season in Blood Bowl 2!
Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to offer you a first video teaser making official Blood Bowl 2, that has been secretly under development for a year at Cyanide Studio! more »
Excited to score a strategic touchdown in Frozen Endzone?
Mode 7 have announced a brand new title in development that may turn a few gamers to one of the biggest sports around! more »
THPSHD is out now! Go on, get a bit of nostalgia in you!
Finally, the one Tony Hawks game that long forgotten fans of the series have been waiting for! Get ready to relive your youth with the original Pro Skater and the fantastic sequel rolled into one! more »
New breathtaking screenshots unveiled for Pro Cycling Manager 2012
With the latest Pro Cycling Manager season announced a few months back, Cyanide Studios have unveiled a few more showing that the long running series is unquestionably the most realistic experience for cycling sports fans. more »
Welcome to Dungeonbowl!
With Cyanide Studios’ Confrontation just released, they have announced a new game for their roster, heading away from Rackham and back to Games Workshop, in a new, unfortunately online only game; Dungeonbowl. more »
Microsoft have officially announced a new add on for their title Kinect Sports called Calorie Challenge. The add on features a new mode for you to get jumping around with that has you pitched up against your everyday calorific rivals such as Peppy… more »
Welcome Sports fans to the wonderous.....nay.....LEGENDARY world of Blood Bowl, enter some of the finest stadia that Cyanide Studio and the Old world have to offer. more »
The newest title in EA’s Skate franchise was released as of the 14th of May (UK) upon loading up the game you are introduced to the game with a short film, showing all the pro skaters that are present in the game, it linked the back story nicely together… more »
A second new team will be coming to the old world sport of Blood Bowl. From the cold Northlands come the Norsemen, with a lineup of more traditional types of players for example throwers, blitzers and runners instead of the more bespoke player types… more »
Gaming fans close by to London, the May MCM Expo is almost upon us, taking place this Friday at the ExCel Centre in Docklands between 29-30 May where all gaming fans will be catered for, as the expo will have everything from Super Mario Galaxy 2 to the… more »
One of the most popular online racing games; TrackMania is coming to the Nintendo Wii, and just like the PC version, it comes with a comprehensive track editor, and will definitely be one of the better racing games available for the console. Control of… more »
One of the worst races to ever take part in Blood Bowl will make it’s way onto the pitch with the release of Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, a short while back we revealed that Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition would include a further 11 races, well we are… more »
In their newest dev diary Codemasters show how they have been attempting to make the most authentic simulator possible, mixing the experiences expected from both simulators and arcade, pleasing both markets, while trying to express the nervousness and… more »
Since 2006, Cyanide have released a title in the Pro Cycling Manager series; now on its 5th year, Cyanide have released new images for Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2010, that spotlight the graphic evolution of the game,boasting higher resolution… more »
EA have announced today that a demo for Skate 3 will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network on April 15th, the demo will give players a taste of the University District in the all new skater’s paradise of Port Carverton with a… more »
Gamercast is pleased to announce the next game in the Blood Bowl franchise, in development by the original developer Cyanide and to be published by Focus Home Interactive, they are now teaming together to bring us Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. In the… more »
It has officially been announced that Skate 3, the latest game in the award-winning franchise, will be released on May 14th 2010 in the UK (May 11th 2010 for North America). Apparently redefining the skateboarding experience, players can build their… more »
SKATE 3 features an all-new co-op mode where teammates can complete challenges together while advancing each others careers. From rewarding epic bails and fails with a beefed up Hall of Meat mode to honing your craft with the all-new skate.School,… more »
High Definition gamers and Formula One fans alike have been waiting for a solid date for years since F1 Championship Edition on the PS3 was released, that day is here. F1 2010 will not only be the first ever Official Formula One title on the Microsoft… more »