Get ready for the niche-iest niche of them all, Excalibur Publishing have announced that they will be releasing Garbage Truck Simulator in the UK for English gamers. So get on board to start your own refuse business and keep the streets clean,… more »
Get ready to head out on the road in the new Driving Simulator 2011; this game is 5 sims rolled into one, and if you are a fan of simulators you'll love the variety and open-ended gameplay that this title offers. more »
It’s been almost a decade after the best-selling Airline Tycoon, and puts players into the role of a CEO of an international airline. It will be up to you to run a modern airline, design unique airplanes and be the best globally recognised company there is. more »
After the release of the imaginative Sims Medieval, the Sims team have announced yet another expansion for the brilliant Sims 3. Whilst their latest expansion Sims 3 Late Night was a bit too close to the expansions of the Sims 2, their newly announced… more »
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order Ltd have announced a new contest for all you moguls out there, and the grand prize is the chance to escape to one of the four European cities featured in the game; Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin or Amsterdam. To enter, you need to create a customised map using the in-game map editor for Cities in Motion. more »
As the Drivers line up for the start of the 2011 season, Codemasters have announced that the follow-up to its award winning Formula 1 2010 will hit stores on September 23rd. This year’s offering will be based around the 2011 season and will feature the… more »
Now just because it has Sim in the title, don't go thinking that Medieval is simply The Sims 3 with a bit of a make-over, as soon as you hit the meat of the game you will notice the lack of basic needs, house building, and all of these quests that are ripe for the taking. more »
Iceberg Interactive have announced that they will be publishing Family Farm; a new sim that combines the addictive elements of farming and life simulation games, and so bringing together the cute addictive nature of Harvest Moon, and the family building… more »
Road construction workers are not exactly a select group of people that everyday drivers aspire to; in fact they usually cause more distress than anything else. However the humble road construction worker is now the spotlight of a new simulator straight… more »
When you talk train simulators there is always one franchise that always comes up, Trainz is a brand that has been running for 10 years now, and they are celebrating it in style with a 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. more »
Surgery Simulator is the latest simulator on the shelves and allows you to take patients under the knife and perform life changing surgeries, it isn't about to win any awards and you may scoff at the idea, but the game itself holds up well as a game to keep you entertained. more »
Possibly the closest iteration of a game of road construction would be; "I am on the road crew. This is my stop sign", Road Construction workers tend to be working against you in most games, if they aren't blocking the next island in Grand Theft Auto… more »
It is the mark of a good simulator or tycoon if you can get lost playing it for hours upon end, and Cities in Motion will get you hooked, with such a simple concept and brilliant transportation manipulation you will not be content until each citizen that uses your public transport has a smile on their face. more »
Contrary to Excalibur Publishing’s usual simulator titles, they have announced a new game that takes you away from the freeway and throws in the gear stick for a scalpel. You are thrown into the role of a top surgeon at a busy city hospital where lives… more »
Get ready to Dive to the Titanic in Excalibur Publishing's newest story based simulation title, aptly named Dive to the Titanic. At its core the game is really light edutainment, but not 'serious' enough to be considered full on educational, in a small… more »
November 24th saw the slightly belated launch of Polyphony Digital's GT5. Normally the launch of a game is nothing to be surprised about, they happen all the time, however none of them will be quite like GT5. It's time for a story.... more »
Digger Simulator 2011 is the newest simulator from the Excalibur Publishing and Astragon deal, sort of a direct sequel to Digger Simulator; 2011 improves greatly on the rather average predecessor, with a better physics engine, more machinery to operate a… more »
For those Train aficionados out there Just Trains, one of the many developers that create add-ons for the highly successful Railworks have announced that they will be releasing a very special collection just in time for Christmas. The Just Trains… more »
Cities XL 2011 has everything that that you want in a city building sim; with housing, commerce and industry to build with the your usual city services, however what is best about Cities XL 2011 is that not only can you build a comprehensive city that ro… more »
Excalibur Publishing have recently announced yet another tirade of simulators with their partners Astragon to bring to the needy masses of simulators across the country. First off is Digger Simulator 2011, sequel to the rather impressive Digger… more »
It may not be picking Call of Duty: Black Ops to the number 1 spot, but Farming simulator 2011 is possibly the most impressive and well-rounded simulation title out there, with fans all across the world this humble German farming simulator is definitely worth adding to your Christmas list, because it's everything a simulator fan would want. more »
Garden Simulator is the latest fruition from Excalibur Publishing and Astragon, although it may not have farm in the title, Garden Simulator has very close ties to farming simulators such as Harvest Moon or Farming Simulator Gold, however unlike Harvest… more »