We get to grips with the world of FIM Speedway and slide our way to victory in the cut throat career mode that takes an almost indie game to great status. more »
Just like all Farming Simulator's in the past, Farming Simulator 2011 is returning for a Platinum Edition this year with added features, and vehicles on top of the 2011 experience. Farming Simulator 2011 is one of the best selling simulation titles o… more »
A new addition to the simulator genre is on its way, and it’s one that we are surprised to have not seen before; Delivery Truck Simulator is another joint venture from leading German developer Astragon and Excalibur Publishing. more »
Lay your corners, build your city and head out on the track, the train track that is! We get to grips with model train layouts; the cheap way in the brilliant new Xbox Indie game Train Frontier Express. more »
Chris Sawyer's legendary theme park tycoon series RollerCoaster Tycoon is making it's way to the 3DS, hopefully in a good way. more »
We've been playing the new Xbox Live Indie games title Train Frontier Express, an innovative new simulator-cum-creator available now on the Xbox Indie Marketplace more »
TML Studios knock us down with this fantastic example of a great simulator that achieves what you would expect of a game. With dynamic weather, scheduled bus routes, jobs on the side, a rewards system and individual handling for each vehicle, you won't know what to do with yourself. more »
We return to our Demolition Company for Demolition Company Gold, which contains all the fun of the original, with some added features including some rather explosive tools. more »
Simulators often focus on a vehicle or a group of vehicles, what makes Ports 2011 so different to other games because the heart of it is found in the iconic setting of the harbour and the work that goes on inside it. more »
A new simulator is set to take you to the streets of San Francisco in Bus & Cable Car simulator. more »
Train Frontier Express is a fun new XBLIG heading to the Marketplace August 31st, with a fun visual style, fantastic world editor, and explosions, this is not your typical train game. more »
We remind our passengers that they are not permitted to smoke in this ultra-realistic recreation of the London Circle Line in this fantastic simulator. more »
One of the newest simulators to be signed on by Excalibur Publishing is the third title in the World of Subways series, that will put players into the driver's cab of the Circle Line trains. more »
The leading train simulator team behind the award-winning RailWorks 2 have just announced that they will be working on a third title in the series, due for release near the end of this year. more »
City building simulation fans get over here! Focus Home Interactive have revealed the first images of Cities XL 2012; the newest version of the hugely popular PC city-building simulation -after SimCity went downhill. Cities XL 2012 will allow players… more »
Red Spell have re-created the magic of Theme Hospital, and thanks to i-Jet Media it is available to play on a host of social networks, including Lithuania's largest social network ONE.LT more »
Trucks and Trailers is a new arcade-simulator from SCS Software and Excalibur Publishing, reminiscent of the parking challenges from Sega's great 18 Wheeler. more »
We review the newest sim in stores; Street Cleaning Simulator, one for the hardcore of simulation fans, if you love demolition and diggers, crossed with the steady long hauls of trucks, then you'll love this newest game. more »
Family Farm is a healthy alternative to the derogative Farmville, and a PC friendly solution to Harvest Moon, created by a small dev team in the Czech Republic it is also available on Mac and Linux! more »
Looking at the bigger picture, Excalibur Publishing have announced Traffic Manager, taking cues from the classic Traffic Tycoon series, you must take control of a virtual city and manage traffic to the best of your capabilities as you make all of the… more »
In support of the Japan Relief Support program, Paradox Interactive have announced two new expansions to two fantastic games in their library, for release very soon. more »
Toss your high-vis jacket to the side and sit down at your computer, you won't need to make do with the harsh smells of the road, flick the dirt out of your hair and boot up Garbage Truck Simulator because you don't have to keep pretending to be a bin man. more »