SimCity is back!
The internet is in a buzz with the announcement of the next game in the SimCity franchise, and this time it looks more promising than SimCity Societies! As a rebirth of the series welcome to SimCity! more »
He's unresponsive in our review of Emergency Ambulance Simulator
For such a simple and deliverable concept, Emergency Ambulance Simulator does exactly what it should, if you are looking for a pick-up-and-play simulator look no further. more »
Pole Position 2012 coming April
That's right, the latest in the Pole Position racing simulation series is heading to your PC just in time for the racing season, who needs to miss out on the races that Sky has bought when you can just make them. more »
Microsoft Flight beckons you to Alaska
Microsoft Flight may have only just come out, however the folks over at Microsoft haven’t stopped working and their second downloadable pack has been announced for a release this Spring. Microsoft Flight’s second DLC pack will take fans to Alaska. more »
Have a look at Lifeless Planet, a new Sci-Fi exploration game
Lace Mamba Global have today announced that they're going to release a new and exciting independent game Lifeless Planet. Lifeless Planet is an action adventure developed by David Board and with the help of Stage 2 Studios a game was created that ori… more »
Put out some fires in our review of Airport Firefighter Simulator
Airport Firefighter simulator is one of those games that you dismiss for being another quickly booted out simulator, but infact plays out with a half-decent career mode, and attempts to actually be a good game. more »
Microsoft Flight out now
The wait is finally over! Microsoft Flight is now available for download for free, and it looks absolutely beautiful! Both easy for beginners and challenging for the most accomplished pilots. more »
Become a Train Giant
No not a giant train, become a train mogul in the latest instalment in the A-Train series, just announced for release March 2nd! more »
Excalibur Publishing are bringing three new simulators straight to their Extra Play range that allows simulator fans a new experience or a classic title at an affordable price, so if you like accidents, mining or fishing, you're in luck. more »
Fans of the long running Microsoft Flight Simulator rejoice! If you didn't get into the beta either, do not fret, you've not long to wait until the free-to-play Microsoft Flight is released! more »
One of the most entertaining types of simulators are truly the destructive kind, we’ve demolished like the best of them, but rarely does a construction simulator come along. more »
Excalibur Publishing have announced a new title to grace their simulator catalogue, and boy is it closing in on a specific niche! Every little boy wants to be a firefighter when they grow up, but how about an airport firefighter? No? more »
A rather unusual announcement has been made for the release of Fate of the World – Tipping Point for retail from publishers Lace Mamba Global. To fit with the game’s message as much as possible, the packaging of the retail edition will be eco-friendly. more »
One of 2011's top businness simulations was Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order's Cities in Motion, and they are continuing the series on into 2012 with the announcement of two new cities; San Francisco and New York. more »
It has been announced that the long awaited revitalisation of the Flight Simulator franchise; Microsoft Flight will be free-to-play, but will it live up to everyone's expectations? more »
We take to the slopes in Ski Region Simulator and find an engaging and simple management game that sneaks in a few vehicles as you care for your Ski Resort in the beautiful Swiss Alps. more »
We hit the streets and police with all due force in Excalibur Publishing's latest simulator; Police Force. Arrest drunks, hooligans, rioters and more in this hands-on Police simulator. more »
Lace Mamba Global has announced that they will be releasing a retail version of the critically acclaimed eco simulation Fate of the World - Tipping Point on January 27th 2012, and will include the full game, and all of the DLC packs released so far. more »
Take to the seas and manage your offshore oil platforms in the newest Simulator from Excalibur Publishing.. except the management isn't all it's cracked up to be in this simple arcade simulator. more »
Excalibur Publishing has just announced another new simulator coming very soon. From the makers of Farming Simulator 2011 comes Ski Region Simulator 2012 more »
Yes, these days there is almost a simulator for everything, but not the construction and daily upkeep of a oil platform, so Excalibur Publishing were kind enough to announce that they are releasing one very soon. more »
Put your wellies back on, there's a host of new features added into the Farming Simulator Platinum Edition. So head on down to the farm and take part in a spot of 'green' farming more »