Keep digging in our review of Stone Quarry Simulator
We’ve seen them all, from digging simulators, demolition simulators and construction simulators, if there’s one thing a vehicular sim fan loves, it appears to be moving dirt and stone around various locations, get ready to make a career out of it! more »
Pro Cycling Manager Tour de France 2012 announced
It’s the series that the original Cyanide’s team split from Ubisoft for, yes the newest instalment in the sports simulation Pro Cycling Manager series with Tour de France 2012 that will once again be coming to PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. more »
The Train Giant demo available now
A-Train 9, otherwise known as Train Giant in Europe is available now, and for those unsure if they should venture into the new mostly uncharted territory that is most definitely not Sim City may want to download the demo. more »
Watch the world go by in our review of Train Giant (A-Train 9)
We concentrate our hardest with the complex Train Giant; the newest in the line of the A-Train series, the question is, has enough changed from the last title to warrant a new game? more »
Naval War: Arctic Circle demo out now
In case you do not think you can cut it in the cutthroat world of naval warfare, you're just in luck! Paradox Interactive and Turbo Tape Games have just released a demo for Naval War: Arctic Circle. more »
The time to strike is now in Naval War: Arctic Circle
If you yearn for the days when strategy games were all about the strategy, time compression and true naval warfare, well you're in luck, because Paradox Interactive and Turbo tape Games' Naval War: Arctic Circle is now out, and ready for you to engage. more »
Locate and destroy in our preview of Naval War: Arctic Circle
Turbo Tape Games prove that a strategy game does not need an unrealistic or historical setting to be engaging, and their modern sea combat title puts your tactical prowess to the limit in Naval War: Arctic Circle. more »
How to avoid the worst strategies in the new Naval War: Arctic Circle dev diary
In this developer diary from Turbo Tape Games, the Naval War: Arctic Circle development team talks about the art and science of naval combat, and the consequences of failure in the frigid North. more »
Change the future in our review of Fate of the World Tipping Point
Everyone wants to change the Fate of the World, and Red Redemption has proven that it is no easy feat in their global warming strategy simulation. more »
Keep crime down in our review of Police Simulator 2
Police Simulator 2 is a true strategy simulation, the game is not about apprehending your perpetrators face to face, it’s all about managing your workforce and scheduling their shifts to ensure the complete and constant coverage of your town. more »
Are you a good enough Admiral to win the Naval War: Arctic Circle contest?
Paradox Interactive have announced a contest that could see you heading to Bergen, Norway for a trip to the home of Turbo Tape Games; a city that has perched on the fjords of western Norway for almost a thousand years. more »
Excalibur Publishing want you to suggest the next big simulator!
Excalibur Publishing are looking to simulator fans to suggest the new trends in simulators, they want to know what you want, and who knows a game might come out of it! more »
Catch the big one in our review of Pro Fishing 2012
If you grew up with games like Fisherman's Bait, Action Bass and Reel Fishing you'll feel right at home with Pro Fishing 2012. more »
Get to work in our review of Utility Vehicle Simulator
A new simulator in Excalibur Publishing’s Extra Play range is Utility Vehicle Simulator that mashes together some very niche vehicular fun into one neat and tidy package. more »
Welcome to historical farming with Agrar Simulator
UIG Entertainment have announced Agrar Simulator – Historical Farming that will take simulator fans back in to the old age of farming. more »
Check out the fantastic trailer of Farming Simulator 2012 3D
Excalibur Publishing have just released a trailer showing off the simulator in all its glory in what could be 3D on your handheld console! more »
Build, build, build in our review of Construction Simulator
Construction Simulator is paving the way forward for the future of simulators; check out our review to see why if you are a fan of simulators it should be at the top of your shopping list. more »
Utility Vehicle Simulator coming March 16th
A new title is headed to Excalibur Publishing's Extra Play range, Utility Vehicles Simulator is throwing together all of those extraneous vehicles that just couldn't cut it in their own simulators, and piling them all together into one lovely package. more »
Stone Quarry Simulator rolling in March 30th
Simulators are just falling out of the sky these days and Excalibur Publishing have announced yet another sim for you digging fans out there. Stone Quarry Simulator puts you on the career path of a mineral magnate. more »
True crime and punishment in Salem
Another title that had slipped us by was Salem, at GDC Paradox have release a new dev diary for the title focusing on the Crime and Punishment system in place in the game. more »
Welcome to my town in Omerta - City of Gangsters
Kalypso Media have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming organised crime simulation, no it's not Gangsters 3, say hello to Omerta - City of Gangsters a mix of strategy, economics and turn-based combat. more »
Police Simulator 2 headed to PC soon
Excalibur Publishing have announced another new addition to their simulator range; Police Simulator 2! The sequel to Police Simulator that created an interesting mix between simulation, and strategy. more »