Farming Simulator 2013 announced for consoles!
It’s the news I’ve been waiting for ever since I set foot on the small island of Farming Simulator, the illustrious, bestselling simulator is finally coming to home consoles in Farming Simulator 2013. more »
We get a quick glance of the most anticipated simulator in PC history in our preview of Prison Architect
The best way to describe Prison Architect is a loving cross between the Bullfrog management games of yesteryear, and the intricate simulation of Dwarf Fortress, and after playing it, we must concur! more »
Could you man an Airport Control Tower?
Airport Control Tower is headed to PC this summer and will get you up to speed with the basics of a controller, allowing you to take the responsibility of hundreds of lives at your fingertips, I don't think you can cut it. more »
Ready for a spot of hunting in Deer Drive?
Grab your rifle, your bag of ammo and stay alert, cause it's hunting season out there! With a range of animals including deer, rabbits, squirrel, deer, bears and even birds getting caught in your sight! more »
Delve into the classic management sim in Pro Cycling Manager 2012
Cyanide Studios have been dedicated to bringing fans the cycling game that they are looking for in the Pro Cycling series, so we have a see if the newest in the series; Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is up to speed. more »
You can be the best truck driver in the world in our review of Scania Truck Driving Simulator
Scania Truck Driving Simulator is more than a simulator, in fact it has the makings of about three sims in one, and has some of the most intense truck driving ever seen. more »
Check out Pro Cycling Manager 2012's launch trailer
With the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2012 just round the corner, Cyanide Studios have released their launch trailer that shows off just how beautiful the game is shaping up. more »
E3 2012: Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 preview
For all of those Magic the Gathering fans out there you're sure to be looking forward to the imminent release of the 2013 Core Set. Well there's also something released just before the physical cards are on the shelves and that's Duels of the… more »
Live the golden age of farming in our review of Agricultural Simulator - Historical Farming
Most simulator developers understand that GIANTS Software undoubtedly hold the crown for farming simulator games, however UIG really show that anything is possible! more »
The wheels on the bus go round and round in our review of European Bus Simulator
There have been many chances to sample the simple life of a bus driver in the past, with such obscure titles as Tokyo Bus Guide, or the arcade style Bus Driver more »
New breathtaking screenshots unveiled for Pro Cycling Manager 2012
With the latest Pro Cycling Manager season announced a few months back, Cyanide Studios have unveiled a few more showing that the long running series is unquestionably the most realistic experience for cycling sports fans. more »
Off-Road Drive review: The dirtiest simulator around
When looking at simulator games on the market you wouldn't usually expect one to be made using the Unreal 3 Engine, of course with more and more games using the engine, with the likes of the more recent Adam's Venture games as well as Zumba Fitness, as… more »
Get ready to get your fingers dirty with Agricultural Simulator - Historical Farming
UIG have announced the release date for their upcoming agricultural driving, working and business simulation Agricultural Simulator - Historical Farming set in the 'golden age' of farming between 1950 and 1970. more »
Get a little Swedish with Scania Truck Driving Simulator
SCS Software's respected truck driving franchise is making a return in 2012 with a brand new licensed simulator that has been developed in conjunction with the renowned Swedish haulage manufacturer Scania. more »
Experience pure beauty in our review of Depth Hunter the Spearfishing simulator
We give the popular and environmentally friendly art of spearfishing a go in Depth Hunter; an absolutely stunning underwater simulator from a small Russian developer brought to retail by Lace Mamba Global. more »
Excalibur Publishing bolster their Extra Play range
If you do not have enough simulators in your life, well you're in luck, because next week a whole catalogue of games will be heading to store shelves in the Excalibur Publishing Extra Play range, and not all of them are re-releases. more »
European Bus Simulator coming soon!
Those brilliant folk at TML Studios have created yet another beautiful simulator with European Bus Simulator that Excalibur Publishing will be bringing to British shores. European Bus Simulator is possibly the most realistic bus simulator ever made. more »
Why have we never heard of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator!!
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is a one man PC game from visionary Thom Robertson who always yearned for a game that could emulate players to the bridge of a ship much like Star Trek. Just watch this gameplay video to realise why you need this game. more »
Roll on up to Circus World
Excalibur Publishing have announced their very own Circus World; a title developed in-house that you may remember getting a mention back in June last year, well it's coming out pretty soon. more »
Tread dangerous waters in our review of Naval War: Arctic Circle
Naval War: Arctic Circle does not boast the most actions per minute, and it does not centre on the real time battles, quite the contrary and it takes as much strategy as you can cram into a military simulator. more »
Silent Hunter Online announced
Fans of the Silent Hunter series may be slightly surprised to hear that Silent Hunter Online is in development from Ubisoft Blue Byte. Online is a free-to-play browser based multiplayer game inspired by the much loved submarine simulation series. more »
Check out the beauty of Agricultural Simulator – Historical Farming
The upcoming nostalgic trip to farming of the past has just had a new teaser trailer released, and boy does Agricultural Simulator – Historical Farming look nice! Transporting simulator fans back to the 1950s and 1970s. more »