Get back on the farm in our review of Farming Simulator 2013
Farming Simulator returns in 2013, and GIANTS software have undertaken the task of creating the best farming simulator out there, but does the latest incarnation of the series give us enough of a reason to upgrade our equipment? more »
Get ready for Cities in Motion: London baby!
Now just because Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive are working on Cities in Motion 2 for a release next year doesn’t mean that Cities in Motion has already been tossed to one side! more »
Sample the tropics in our review of The Good Life
Tired of the humdrum of city life, Derek and Michelle are lucky enough to have inherited the ‘Carpe Diem’ boating company that their uncle left to them in the beautiful JoJo Islands, now who would pass up that chance? Welcome to The Good Life. more »
You're going to want to keep on truckin' in our review of Euro Truck Simulator 2
SCS Software are without a doubt the authority on truck simulators, they dominate the field, so it’s an understatement to say that Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most anticipated vehicular simulators to hit the market this year. more »
Farming Simulator 2013 tops the charts!
For all you naysayers out there, the newest game in the hugely popular Farming Simulator series; Farming Simulator 2013 has officially sold over 400,000 copies making it the number 1 global seller this week! more »
Take the time to appreciate the Farming Simulator 2013 launch trailer!
Finally, the wait is over, farming fans across the world will be ecstatic to hear that Farming Simulator 2013 is most definitely heading to Europe on PC this week. more »
Could the face of racing simulation change in our review of NKPro Racing version 1.3
We review a lot of simulators at Gamercast, but rarely do any place such a heavy emphasis on realism as NKPro Racing. The developers have released version 1.3 that has been in the works for two years, was it worth the wait? more »
Experience the beautiful Rhine in our review of River Master
Are you prepared to become a River Master of one of the longest and beautiful rivers in Europe; the Rhine which you can experience with a breath taking stretch of over 200km. more »
Agricultural Simulator 2013 scheduled for a release just in time for Christmas!
It’s that time of year again, and all of the annual games that weren’t released in the spring are seeing their release, even in the simulator world. more »
Roll on up in our review of Circus World
Are you ready to manage the greatest show on earth?... Well Cardiff! Book up your big top and stock up your gift shop and welcome the masses into Circus World, a new management sim from the folks at Excalibur Publishing's in-house development team. more »
Check out the new animals of Farming Simulator 2013
It’s getting closer and closer to the release of one of the biggest simulators in the world; Farming Simulator 2013, and if you aren’t excited about it, and scoff at simulators like joe blogs, then you may just want to check out the latest trailer. more »
A Game of Dwarves is available for pre-order
It's time to get your wallets out and get ready to devote a large chunk of your life to something new as A Game of Dwarves is now available for pre-order; Zeal Entertainment's upcoming dwarf digging resource management game. Plus as an incentive anyone… more »
It gets in-tents in our review of Camping Manager
Camping manager, or as I see it, camping tycoon is a new title brought to retail stores thanks to Excalibur publishing, and puts you in charge of managing a camping site, so get out there and design the best darn camping site that you ever saw, just rem… more »
Check out the new SimCity gameplay footage
If you love to build and manage your own metropolis then this first full-on gameplay footage of SimCity will fuel your creative flare and make you boot up SimCity 4. With the development team being led by the original and best SimCity team out th… more »
Get the safety vests on in our review of Disaster Response Unit
Disaster Response Unit is a new simulator from Excalibur Publishing that takes players to the exciting world of disaster relief, and to be fair it is pretty exciting. more »
Hit the road in our review of Driving Simulator 2012
In this years Driving Simulator, developers Light Rock Entertainment have pushed out the boat and the compendium contains a plethora of popular vehicular sims in the form of missions, but is it any better than what we've seen before? more »
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures announced
September 17, 2012 – Delaware, North America – After the successful launch of Depth Hunter, Biart announced the second part of the game – Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures. more »
November–Eight-Charlie-Papa you are cleared for landing in our review of Airport Control Tower
There's a simulator for everything, and yet one particular area that is surprisingly sparse when it comes to games is the responsibilities of the airport controller, this is where the no nonsense no frills Airport Control Tower comes in. more »
Don't shoot the doe in our review of Deer Drive
Excalibur Publishing have brought the crazy pastime of deer hunting to their Extra Play catalogue with Deer Drive from the experienced simulator developers at SCS Software, but does it really compare with their impressive sim background. more »
Have a tease of Farming Simulator 2013
The Farming Simulator series from GIANTS Software is one of the most successful non-train related simulators in the world, the game is a big deal at Gamescom every year, so what 2013 have to show for? more »
Circus World is coming to town soon!
Excalibur Publishing’s first in-house game Circus World has reached its final stage of testing and is almost ready for release, shortly allowing players to take over a dilapidated circus and transform it into a premier world class attraction! more »
Welcome to The Good Life
The Good Life combines ship simulation, time management and tycoon elements on a fictitious tropical island full of luxurious hotels, villas, bars and tourist attractions where life is good. more »