Catch the trading system of Rise of Venice in the new trailer
I love a good trading sim, so games like Rise of Venice get me really excited, and why not? Not only do you have the backdrop of Renaissance era Europe, but as a young merchant of Venice you've got the trading empire of Genoa to compete against. more »
Manage your club to glory in our review of Football Director
When it comes to management games many may remember the good old days of interactive spreadsheets, years down the line, sports managers have gotten pretty complex, and no more are your screens filled with just numbers and stats, but they lay host to foo… more »
Come on down to the homestead in our review of Farming Simulator for console
Unfortunately a title like Farming Simulator is ripe for a good mocking, and the most infamous video of all pretty much sums up the thoughts of the 'average gamers' opinion of such a concept. more »
Rise of Venice has gone gold
Publishers Kalypso Media have announced that their upcoming trading/political simulation from the developers of Patrician and Port Royale; Rise of Venice has gone gold for its release on Windows PC. more »
Are you ready to Go East in Euro Truck Simulator 2?
Excalibur Publishing have announced that they will be bringing the first official expansion for the beloved Euro Truck Simulator 2 to retailers! The Go East expansion adds onto the original Euro Truck Simulator 2 experience more »
Check out the brand new Farming Simulator launch trailer
There's only one day to go! The release of Farming Simulator is imminent for console gamers, so why not check out the launch trailer? more »
Get down to Serious Business in Omerta - City of Gangsters on Xbox 360
Kalypso Media have released their free Serious Business DLC for the console gamers that are building their empire in the business simulation Omerta - City of Gangsters. more »
Gamercast interview Matt Peddlesden on Train Simulator 2014
I think it goes without saying that we're pretty big fans of the simulation genre, we caught up with Matt Peddlesden for some information on the upcoming Train Simulator 2014. more »
Hop on the Great Eastern Main Line in Train Simulator 2013
The folks at have released a new line for Train Simulator 2013 that some local to the South of England may be familiar with; The Great Eastern Main Line, often shortened to ‘GEML’. more »
Only a week to go til the release of Farming Simulator on console!
There’s only a week to go until the release of Farming Simulator! That’s right, get ready to start your engines, because the phenomena that is Farming Simulator is about to hit consoles so soon you can almost smell the fertilizer! more »
Check out Frontier Development's Zoo Tycoon!
One slightly unexpected launch title for the Xbox One was the classic PC simulation strategy Zoo Tycoon, which will be seeing a relaunch on the next generation console. more »
Ready to work the fields in Farming Simulator? It's so close you can smell the fertilizer
Focus Home Interactive have announced the release date for the console release of the worldwide phenomenon Farming Simulator, and you won’t have to wait long now! more »
Make way for Train Simulator 2014
RailSimulator have announced that the best-selling Train Simulator series will return this September for their latest outing Train Simulator 2014. more »
A happy hello to you in our review of City Bus Simulator New York
If there's one subgenre of simulator that garners fans worldwide its the Bus Simulator, however surprisingly there's only a few developers that bother with the quaint public transportation. more »
Become an Everyday Hero in our review of Rescue 2013
Rescue 2013 is a new top-down emergency services management simulator; think theme hospital meets Age of Empires. It strikes an alarming similarity to the Emergency series more »
Send in the robot in our review of Chemical Spillage Simulator
If you were a fan of airport firefighter simulator then be prepared for more of the same in this new sandbox career-orientated obscure firefighter simulator returns in Chemical Spillage Simulator. more »
You're going to want to Keep On Truckin in this simulator Collection!
To celebrate the wonderful world of trucks, publisher Excalibur Publishing have released the Keep on Truckin Collection comprised of three of the best trucking games to grace the PC in the last few years. more »
Recovery: Search and Rescue Simulation announced
Excalibur Publishing have unveiled their debut trailer for their third in-house development, and boy it couldn't be any different to their previous games Circus World and Zoo Park! more »
Rise of Venice announced
Kalypso Media have unveiled a new strategy trading simulation Rise of Venice that transports players to the Renaissance era when Venice was at its peak of power. more »
Come work on the Railroads in the Marias Pass DLC for Train Simulator 2013
One of the newest expansions for Train Simulator 2013 is the iconic Marias Pass; a high mountain pass near the Glacier National Park in north-western Montana. more »
Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary in our review of Zoo Park
Upon first glance it is very easy to compare the humble Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary from Excalibur Publishing to the likes of Zoo Tycoon or Theme Park, after all, it does look a heck of a lot like them. more »
HGV driving not your thing why not try and become a Zoo Keeper for the day with Excalibur Publishing!
Already trying your luck at becoming a HGV driver? Excalibur Publishing have launched their second simulation-to-reality promotion ties in with their upcoming Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary more »