Excalibur Publishing has confirmed that they are currently working on releasing the double pack of Space Shuttle Simulator and Apollo Simulator for August 20th in the UK. Take on missions at the International Space Station as you are launched from Cape… more »
Bus Simulator 2 is real fun, and could perhaps be perceived as strangely addictive, and the only real problem of the game is the freeplay mode, which you would imagine would allow you to mind your own business driving around Megacity picking up passengers and dropping them off, however all you are actually doing is simply driving around the town in the bus that is running out of service. more »
Hop on and enjoy the ride this month as Bus Simulator 2 gets released in the UK thanks to the partnership of Astragon and Excalibur Publishing, who have brought the driving/business tycoon to Windows. In Bus Simulator 2 you can control the sale of… more »
The Autumn release schedule for 2010 so far consists of four main titles, that go to show that Rising Star Games continue to serve up the best in Japanese Games; Pang: Magic Michael; its been 21 years since the original Pang title hit the arcade,… more »
It really is quite nice! So I decided to put together a video showing exactly what you get when you spend £24.99 (UK) on this version of the expansion pack. The Sims 3 Ambitions is the newest Sims 3 expansion to hit the shelves, brought to us of course… more »
Biodroid, a Lisbon based company are pleased to announce that they will bring Miffy for her long awaited debut on gaming consoles in Miffy’s World. Being released initially as a WiiWare title, Miffy’s World promises to be a simulation game targeting… more »
Made by the team at Inaria Interactive, and published by Lapland Studios comes Lead the Meerkats, possibly the most unique and interesting game to come out so far for Nintendo WiiWare. If you love meerkats, then read on more »
Sick of your average train simulator? Want to play with hobby trains but don’t have the cash? Well now you can share your passion for hobby trains with your family at the PC, and build track around rooms in a simulated house. Tiny Trainz brings the… more »
The next in the line of awesome simulators has come from SCS Software and Excalibur Publishing, Welcome to Germany folks. more »
Gaming fans close by to London, the May MCM Expo is almost upon us, taking place this Friday at the ExCel Centre in Docklands between 29-30 May where all gaming fans will be catered for, as the expo will have everything from Super Mario Galaxy 2 to the… more »
Everyone out there at one point in their life should experience the excitement and awe of demolishing something, now thanks to Astragon, Entwicklerteam Slaby and Excalibur Publishing everyone can have a go more »
Codemasters have been making a lot of noise about the weather in F1 2010 and have finally given us a few more details on this system. There are three parts to the weather system, firstly the visual effects, which includes the visual effects on the cars… more »
When you first approach Driving Simulator it is important to note that it is a driving simulation, and not a racing simulation, so don’t go expecting Forza Motorsport. In fact a good way to look at Driving Simulator is that it is more of a road simulator. more »
Another game that we had the privilege of trying out at the EA Spring Showcase was The Sims 3 Ambitions where super-friendly Associate Producer Grant Rodiek showed us the ropes. Ambitions is the second expansion for the million-unit selling franchise. more »
Ever wished your place of work would just disappear, or maybe you want your neighbour down the road with that noisey dog gone? Well now you can make your wishes come true without getting a criminal record, yes it’s the simulator that we’ve been waiting… more »
We've had a lot of people finding our review of the excellent Tow Truck Simulator when what they really want to know, is where is the truck dealership?? Well look no further, because Gamercast have got you covered. Begin from your base, and take the… more »
Thanks to the folks at Excalibur Publishing the UK are getting the immensely successful German Truck Simulator, now fully translated into English, German Truck Simulator, the spiritual twin of UK Truck Simulator will be released May 21st 2010, where the… more »
It’s almost three weeks before Red Dead Redemption is released, but Rockstar have already announced a new free downloadable content Co-Op mission pack, entitled Outlaws to the End that will be available this June simultaneously for Xbox Live and the… more »
The aptly named Lapland Studios have just announced a new RTS for animal lovers everywhere, Lead the Meerkats is the first game to simulate the life and trials that meerkats face everyday. By taking advantage of the Wii’s control system, players are… more »
You may remember us mentioning Airport Control Simulator back here, well its being shipped to retailers across the UK as we speak ready for its release date of May 7th. If you’ve never heard of the title before, Airport Control Simulator is a casually… more »
In Tow Truck Simulator you become the operator of a rescue truck as you scour the town for illegally parked cars, accidents or breakdowns. more »
In their newest dev diary Codemasters show how they have been attempting to make the most authentic simulator possible, mixing the experiences expected from both simulators and arcade, pleasing both markets, while trying to express the nervousness and… more »