VSTEP and Paradox Interactive have announced that their recently released Ship Simulator Extremes has had a demo released, containing two playable missions, from the Tourist Tales and Greenpeace campaigns. In Tourist Tales players can captain a fast… more »
Tokyo Game Show was a great place this year for Kinect announcements seeing a variety of companies announcing five new exclusive titles to hit Kinect in 2011, sadly with these new announcements not much in the way of gameplay has been shown. codename D… more »
If there is one simulation title that you are going to want to pick up this year it is Demolition Company, from the creators of Farming Simulator do not get it confused with Demolition Simulator, it is a completely different kettle of fishIn Demoliti… more »
One of Capcom’s most surprising announcements from this year’s Tokyo Game Show has to be a new Steel Battalion title; Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. In development by From Software, a different developer than the previous title on the original Xbox,… more »
Mafia II is the sequel to the beautifully haunting and effective criminal drama Mafia that won critical reception in 2002 for its brash realism, and engaging city. 2K Czech, formally Illusion Softworks return with Mafia II a slightly less impressive and… more »
Codemasters have released what is possibly the last video for their upcoming F1 2010, showing off exactly what their game is capable with a video showing off the SingTel Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, the engine looks absolutely… more »
If you are not shooting police in most games generally you control them tactically in the SWAT titles, Police Simulator breaks the mould and through a strange blend of simulation and real time strategy you are tasked with fighting crime in a modern European City the best way you know how, think SimCity with a heavy reliance on the management of your police force and you've got Police Simulator. more »
Excalibur Publishing have gone and shown that there are still many possibilities in the realm of simulation games to be explored as they announce two new titles to please those that enjoy the outdoor life rather than the suburban environments of their… more »
Sick of driving your Sims around in their Lemon? Good news! Electronic Arts have released the new Sims Fast Lane Stuff worldwide so that Sims fans can have a little more variation in the vehicles that their Sims get about town in.The Stuff packs are… more »
Rising Star Games have officially announced the release date of the newest Rune Factory title to grace the UK, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Rune Factory 2 like all previous Rune Factory titles takes the elements of Harvest Moon; the farming,… more »
A Gamescom announcement that managed to slip under our radar is Paradox Interactive’s Cities in Motion, a new mass transportation simulator set across Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin and Amsterdam using more than 30 different modes of transport, including… more »
Being a massive fan of simulators, I've yet to experience Ship Simulator, a hugely popular title from VSTEP who have been creating ship simulations for the past 5 years. So being veterans of Ship Simulators we know that they are pros, giving you the ability to free roam in over 25 ships more »
Excalibur Publishing have announced two new simulation titles to add to their roster, first off there is Demolition Company brought to us from the creators of hugely engaging Farming Simulator, Demolition Company is practically Demolition Simulator, but… more »
Victoria II is a strategy game on a grand scale, more of a political strategy you are the driving force of your nation, pulling the strings from behind the scenes, if you're looking for a real time strategy you best look elsewhere, Victoria II is an inhe… more »
It's almost every little boy's dream to fly through space, to defy the laws of physics and go where no man has ever ventured before, unfortunately however most little boy's will never live out that dream, from sheer lack skills or determination you can c… more »
Rising Star Games have happily announced that they will be bringing two new Harvest Moon titles to the market with Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming for the DS and Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley for the PSP in PAL territories, Hero of Leaf Valley is one… more »
From the creators of East India Company, comes Commander: Conquest of the Americas a new mass trade strategy title that asks players to bring their nation to glory for the control of the New World, generally there is no story per se in the game, players… more »
Electronic Arts have announced The Sims Medieval a new series currently in development that places Sims into the Middle Ages, allowing players to create heroes, venture on quests as well as building and controlling a kingdom. “The Middle Ages is a time… more »
Just announced by Electronic Arts is the newest Sims 3 expansion, entitled The Sims 3 Late Night which will hit store shelves worldwide this Autumn, and give players an all-access pass to a vibrant, active downtown, where they can rub elbows with… more »
Codemasters have released another dev diary for their highly anticipated upcoming Formula One 2010, for those of you who have been keeping track of them I'll start this post with the bad news. The latest diary entitled Cars and Tracks does not yet… more »
Welcome to Armada 2526, the newest 4X strategy game to hit European shelves, similar to Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations, you can command huge fleets of ships to victory while also managing colonies on a grander scale, created by ex-Creative Assembly designer Bob Smith at his newly formed Ntronium Gmaes. Armada 2526 just goes to show that you do not need a huge studio to make an engaging and respectable 4X strategy title. more »
The Sims Studio have announced that they have another ‘stuff’ pack under development entitled The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff, and will be available this Autumn worldwide, and through digital download at the official website. Like most ‘stuff’ packs, The… more »