Drox Operative is available now for pre-order
We told you that it would all be done when it's done, and now Indie developer Soldak Entertainment has announced that their latest dynamic game; Drox Operative is available now for pre-order! So what, it's just a pre-order right? Wrong! more »
Jagged Alliance: Crossfire announced!
Kalypso Media and bitComposer Games have announced the first standalone add-on to the fantastic rebirth of Jagged Alliance; Jagged Alliance: Crossfire set for a release this summer! more »
E3 2012: Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive released so many trailers for their mouth watering line up over the course of E3, unfortunately none of the games were on show in LA, so for those that didn't catch them, well here they are! more »
Tomba! coming to the PSN!
Notice how I said Tomba! there and not Tombi! Yes the brilliant cult platformer-cum-RPG is heading to the Playstation Network next week, for Americans to rejoice in the brilliant retro marvel. more »
E3 2012: The Dark Eye: Demonicon preview
With the promise of a world that changes around you, truly challenging choices to make, and simple but engrossing combat, Demonicon may well be the RPG that both gamers and Dark Eye fans have been waiting for more »
Watch the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing E3 teaser trailer
Just before E3, NeoCore Games have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming XBLA/PC title the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. more »
CD Projekt RED are getting all Cyberpunk
With games like Deus Ex and Hard Reset revitalising the dystopia of the cyberpunk genre of the late 80s the hardcore fans; myself included need more! more »
Will you be getting the KRATER 10,000 Dollar Victor Edition?
Feel like a home cooked meal from Fatshark's Game Designer? Got $10k to spare? You might want to check out the exclusive KRATER 10,000 Dollar Victor Edition! more »
Come to battle in Of Orcs and Men new screenshots
A new series of screenshots have revealed a bit of combat in Focus Home Interactive's upcoming fantasy game Of Orcs and Men, that we'll be getting our hands on at E3 in the coming weeks. more »
It's the old switcheroo in Dungeon Gate
Lace Mamba Global have just announced an upcoming PC fantasy RPG gives players the opportunity to shape-shift into their enemies and any NPC creatures out there to unlock unique opportunities to solve the game. more »
Krater is coming to retail stores!
Fatshark's delightfully Swedish post-apocalyptic action RPG is heading to retail thanks to Lace Mamba Global who have announced their plans to release a retail edition of the game worldwide more »
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing announced
NeocoreGames; those folks that brought you diverse strategy games in the King Arthur universe have branched out to a new fantastical universe; Dracula! more »
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action patch 1.13 is live!
You may have recently read our review of the addictive tactical roleplaying game Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the developers at bitComposer have released the awaited 1.13 patch that puts in a lot of what fans were bemoaning about the game. more »
Say hello to the Wizard in the trailer for Realms of Ancient War
Focus Home Interactive have released their second trailer for Wizarbox’s upcoming hack’n’slash action roleplaying game R.A.W; Realms of Ancient War which shows off one of the 3 playable heroes of the game the Wizard. more »
Liberate Arulco in our review of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
What bitComposer have done with Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is created a game that caters to the tactical strategist, and to the run-and-gun nut in an unashamedly difficult but addictive game. more »
The Dark Eye - Demonicon website is live
Kalypso Media have unveiled the official website for the game that features game information, screenshots, and trailers that showcase their take on the dark world of The Dark Eye - Demonicon. more »
Get R.A.W with the Warrior in the trailer for Realms of Ancient War
Focus Home Interactive have released the first trailer for Wizarbox’s upcoming hack’n’slash action roleplaying game R.A.W; Realms of Ancient War which shows off one of the 3 playable heroes of the game the Warrior. more »
Fate/EXTRA has a date for PSP in Europe
Not that long ago Ghostlight announced the release of their next venture in bringing Japanese/American releases of JRPG PSP games to the UK, this time round Fate/EXTRA. In a similar vein to their usual releases Fate/EXTRA will also be presented in a col… more »
Experience post-apocalyptic Sweden in our preview of Krater
Whilst still in it's pre-alpha stages, Krater; an upcoming tactical roleplaying game from Fatshark has a lot of potential through its use of exploration, crafting and persistence. more »
Bust out some tactics in our review of Confrontation
In the world of Aarklash the Age of Rag’narok is almost upon us, if the Griffin forces do not take on the Alchemists of Dirz, the Path of the Light may not win the battle. more »
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Dark Edition will be available at GAME!
Today CD Projeck Red and GAME have officially confirmed that GAME… more »
Check out Confrontation's launch trailer
Cyanide Studios have released their launch trailer for Confrontation ahead of its release tomorrow; April 5th. more »