More new screenshots for Mars War Logs
If you wanted more from Spiders’ cyberpunk action RPG Mars War Logs then you’d be in luck, as publishers Focus Home Interactive have unveiled new screenshots for the game! more »
Welcome to Dungeonland in our review of the most deadly theme park on earth!
In the fun-filled theme park of Dungeonland only the brave may enter, if you think you're up to the task, prepare to enter the Dungeon Maestro's domain as a lowly Warrior, Rogue and Mage! more »
The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt announced
Following on from an announcement earlier in the day thanks to this month's issue of Game Informer, CD Projekt RED have now fully announced The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is not only promising to be the ultimate game… more »
The doors of Dungeonland are now open!
Paradox Interactive and Critical Studios have declared that Dungeonland is now open for business, and those gamers that like to play the hero may just be interested in attempting to take out the cunning Dungeon Maestro. more »
Return to one of the best RPG's of the 90s in Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny!
UIG Entertainment and Attic Entertainment have announced a return to the Realms of Arkania, the legendary RPG set in the extremely popular German RPG universe of The Dark Eye. more »
Don't worry, Dungeon Gate is still headed to your PC!
UIG have just announced that they will be releasing the upcoming PC fantasy RPG Dungeon Gate that gives players the opportunity to shape-shift into their enemies and any NPC creatures out there. more »
Sneak a peek at the customisation in Dungeonland!
Paradox Interactive and Critical Studio have released their fourth video diary that provides players with an in-depth examination on the different choices players can make whilst they prepare to withstand the onslaught of the Dungeon Maestro. more »
Welcome to Aarklash Legacy set in Rackham's medieval-fantasy universe!
Cyanide Studios have announced that they will be returning to Rackham’s medieval-fantasy universe in two games; Dogs of War Online, and Aarklash: Legacy. more »
Divinity Anthology Collectors Edition unboxing!
Back in October you may remember us going on a bit about the fantastic Divinity Anthology Collector's Edition, here it is laid bare! more »
Dungeonland's date slips
Those waiting for the release of Paradox Interactive's upcoming hack 'n' slash Dungeonland are unfortunately going to have to wait that little bit longer. more »
New screenshots unveiled for Mars War Logs
With the first few screenshots of the action RPG Mars: War Logs surfacing just before the end of the year, Spiders Studio the team behind Of Orcs and Men have released five new screenshots. more »
Announcing Pokemon X and Pokemon Y
Nintendo have announced that they're finally bringing a proper Pokémon game to the Nintendo 3DS. After launching the 3DS back in early 2011 fans have wanted the newest Pokémon to feature on what is supposed to be their current handheld. However Nintendo… more »
Explore a truly dynamic universe in our review of Drox Operative
The PC as a gaming platform thrives on small, low budget studios who throw all of their heart and passion into their next title, usually some of the soul gets lost in translation, however the developers at Soldak Entertainment know more »
Watch the death of Paradox Interactive in the Dungeonland live stream
In what is possible the most fitting way to present Paradox Interactive and Critical Studio’s upcoming theme park hack’n’slash, they will put three Paradoxian’s into the humiliating seats of the heroes more »
Quick, take on the galaxy in Drox Operative that's out now!
Soldak Entertainment have announced that their life-sucking starship action RPG Drox Operative is out now and available for purchase for Windows and Mac PCs from their website. more »
Learn a little about Dungeonland's Dungeon-Master!
Paradox Interactive and Critical Studio have released their second video diary that provides players with an in-depth examination and explanation of the fabled Dungeon-Master mode. more »
New screenshots revealed for Mars: War Logs
The first official screenshots of the action RPG from Spiders Studio; Mars: War Logs have been unveiled that give a glimpse of the places, inhabitants and creatures of everyone’s favourite Red Planet, and they aren’t Cacodemons! more »
Our Van Helsing has been decided
Voting ended yesterday and the results have been tallied, and Neocore’s new Van Helsing has been decided. more »
Go after the true evil in our review of Of Orcs and Men
The fantasy genre is full to the brim with the same old tired tales, and you often find yourself helping out good against evil in the times of war, but what if you took a good look at the 'bad guys'? more »
Wanna try out the expansive galaxy of Drox Operative?
Soldak Entertainment have released the demo for Drox Operative; their starship action RPG with a fantastic dynamic galaxy filled with warring alien races and fierce space battles. more »
Welcome to Atlantic City in our preview of Omerta - City of Gangsters
Welcome to Atlantic City, America's Playground, where the boardwalk is bright, and leisure is always the number one activity on the minds of its inhabitants, except there’s a seedy underbelly to it all more »
Merlin: The Game is now in open beta
If you have been waiting to set foot in the fantastical world of Camelot after having watched Merlin on BBC1 since 2008 then you will be happy to hear it is available on Facebook in game format as it's now in open beta. The highly anticipated Merlin:… more »