Feast your eyes on the terrifying tunnels of Space Hulk: Deathwing
StreumOn Studio have released some of the first screenshots for their upcoming Space Hulk: Deathwing, a first person shooter that puts players at the head of a squad of Space Marine Terminators more »
Go quackers in the crazy local multiplayer Duck Game on Ouya
Yes, that's it's name, would you guess the game includes Ducks? Its not a simple duck simulator though more »
Scream into battle with the release of War of the Vikings!
Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have released the vicious, blood thirsty warriors of Northern Europe for all to play in War of The Vikings; their new skill-based multiplayer combat game that follows on from their massively popular War of the Roses. more »
Get ready to jump into the bullet-fuelled frenzy of Blue Estate!
Focus Home Interactive have teamed up with HESAW to bring the darkly funny rail shooter Blue Estate to Xbox One and Playstation 4. Those that may find the name familiar, the game is based upon the Eisner Award-nominated Blue Estate comic series more »
Welcome to Warside
In the futuristic universe of Warside, secret labs, space stations and ancient ruins are the scene of heated battles as players go head-to-head! Warside is the debut title from indie development studio Kraken Games more »
See through the eyes of a Terminator in our preview of Space Hulk: Deathwing
No this isn't the Space Hulk you're thinking of, welcome to Space Hulk: Deathwing from Streum On Studio, a first person shooter that hopes to encapsulate the essence and atmosphere of the cult tabletop game from Games Workshop! more »
Breath-taking 4K Alien Isolation screenshots released
The Creative Assembly have released some brand new Alien Isolation screenshots. They look incredible. more »
Far Cry The Wild Expeditions announced
Ubisoft are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Far Cry franchise by releasing Far Cry The Wild Expedition, a compilation of all things Far Cry… more »
Will you Endeavour in our review of Dark Matter
Like all true science fiction horror Dark Matter starts with an aptly ship; the Endeavour, a ship with an key mission to travel out into the far reaches of space more »
Get Early Access to the War of the Vikings
Get your longboat at the ready! Paradox Interactive have opened the War of the Vikings Steam Early Access programme for those ready to join the war against the Viking invaders. The Steam Early Access programme al… more »
Shadow Warrior looks to have the touch in its new launch trailer!
Your weekend is about to get Wangtastic with the release of Shadow Warrior! The remake of the original blood soaked, high octane slasher has finally landed, and to celebrate here's a launch trailer that's got the touch! more »
New artwork released for Air Conflicts: Vietnam
Kalypso Media have released some new artwork for Air Conflicts: Vietnam their upcoming action-arcade air combat game that suckered us into the turbulent Vietnam War. more »
Check out this lovely Crimson Dragon story trailer
One game I cannot wait for is Crimson Dragon, especially after enjoying playing the previous Dragoon titles along with Side Story that was released for Windows Phone.… more »
We must kill them. We must incinerate them in our preview of Air Conflicts: Vietnam
When it comes to conflict, you’ll find more than a fair share of games based on historical wars, more often than not they’ll focus on either of the two World Wars. more »
Feast your eyes on 14 minutes of Watch Dogs!
Ubisoft have released 14-minutes of gameplay footage for their upcoming, highly anticipated open-world hacking adventure. more »
Return to the Space Hulk in the FPS Space Hulk: Deathwing!
Space Hulk is returning to the video game world as a first person shooter. Space Hulk: Deathwing will allow players to experience the desperate battle against the Tyranid Genestealers aboard the tunnels of a Space Hulk more »
Are you of the lucky few to participate in the War of the Vikings Closed Alpha?
Have you checked your inbox yet? Paradox Interactive have started selecting players to try out their upcoming brutal multiplayer brawl; War of the Vikings! more »
Will you be ready to defend Britannia from the War of the Vikings?
When publisher Paradox Interactive and the developers at Fatshark announced that they would be creating a franchise of sorts from the beautifully realistic War of the Roses, welcome the newest in the series; War of the Vikings. more »
Did you miss Hail to the Chief week for Saints Row IV?
You may not be aware but last week was Saints Row IV: Hail to the Chief week... what does that mean? Trailers. more »
Outlast is set to scare this September!
Red Barrels have announced that their upcoming survival horror experience Outlast will be coming to your PC much sooner than you'd hope, which means scares all round just in time for Halloween! more »
Want to see Magicka: Wizard Wars in action? Why not check out the new gameplay trailer
Paradox Interactive and the recently created Paradox North have released a new trailer for their upcoming PvP wizard-dueler Magicka: Wizard Wars. more »
First gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V unveiled!
It's the video we've all been waiting for, and many of us could have never even imagined what it would show us! Rockstar Games have unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the illustrious and highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V! more »