Stone Quarry Simulator rolling in March 30th
Simulators are just falling out of the sky these days and Excalibur Publishing have announced yet another sim for you digging fans out there. Stone Quarry Simulator puts you on the career path of a mineral magnate. more »
True crime and punishment in Salem
Another title that had slipped us by was Salem, at GDC Paradox have release a new dev diary for the title focusing on the Crime and Punishment system in place in the game. more »
Oh no! Zombies Ruined My Day!
Don’t you just hate it when you’re minding your own business, going about your day for Zombies to ruin it? That’s exactly what Spanish developer Mancebo games thought when making their action-packed addictive shoot’em up Zombies Ruined My Day. more »
A Fate/EXTRA Collector's Edition has been announced
Ghostlight have officially announced a collector's edition, otherwise known as the standard edition of their upcoming release of Fate/EXTRA for PSP. Ghostlight a small independent publisher in the UK who are quite well known for their releases of PSP or… more »
Welcome to my town in Omerta - City of Gangsters
Kalypso Media have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming organised crime simulation, no it's not Gangsters 3, say hello to Omerta - City of Gangsters a mix of strategy, economics and turn-based combat. more »
Defenders of Ardania is ready for release on PC and XBLA
Paradox Interactive and Deep Silver have announced that the next wave of Defenders of Ardania is so close to release; the multiplayer tower defence was first released for the iPad, and with much critical acclaim it is now seeking to conquer the Xbox Live Arcade and PC. more »
Experience War of the Roses' exhilarating gameplay
One Paradox Interactive title that positively fell under our radar was a little game called War of the Roses. Well this is not just another strategy title, in fact, think Call of Duty meets Joan of Arc. more »
Police Simulator 2 headed to PC soon
Excalibur Publishing have announced another new addition to their simulator range; Police Simulator 2! The sequel to Police Simulator that created an interesting mix between simulation, and strategy. more »
Settle down with the A Games of Dwarves dev diary
Paradox have released a dev diary for their upcoming strategy management title A Game of Dwarves, short but sweet is the best way to describe this little insight into the game. more »
SimCity is back!
The internet is in a buzz with the announcement of the next game in the SimCity franchise, and this time it looks more promising than SimCity Societies! As a rebirth of the series welcome to SimCity! more »
He's unresponsive in our review of Emergency Ambulance Simulator
For such a simple and deliverable concept, Emergency Ambulance Simulator does exactly what it should, if you are looking for a pick-up-and-play simulator look no further. more »
Pole Position 2012 coming April
That's right, the latest in the Pole Position racing simulation series is heading to your PC just in time for the racing season, who needs to miss out on the races that Sky has bought when you can just make them. more »
Introducing RED Frontier
The last of Paradox’s GDC announcements was one a bit more ‘Paradox’; RED Frontier is a new RTS hoping to introduce a new style of competitive RTS gaming by using the easy to pick up, and easy to play structure of an FPS. more »
Microsoft Flight beckons you to Alaska
Microsoft Flight may have only just come out, however the folks over at Microsoft haven’t stopped working and their second downloadable pack has been announced for a release this Spring. Microsoft Flight’s second DLC pack will take fans to Alaska. more »
Have a look at Lifeless Planet, a new Sci-Fi exploration game
Lace Mamba Global have today announced that they're going to release a new and exciting independent game Lifeless Planet. Lifeless Planet is an action adventure developed by David Board and with the help of Stage 2 Studios a game was created that ori… more »
Dungeonland announced
Dungeonland is indeed a theme park, and a very evil one at that; with the sole purpose of trapping innocent good-doing heroes, and it’s up to you as a hero to adventure around the magical park in co-op dungeon crawling fashion. more »
Diabolical Pitch is dated!
Yes its the game that you all bought Kinect for! Ok, well you might have bought Kinect for it; Suda 51's first forary on the peripheral is the baseball centered pitch-em-up Diabolical Pitch, and its been dated! more »
Announcing The Showdown Effect
With GDC now on the way, there's a lot of announcements making their way through the pipeline. Paradox had been hinting at unannouced titles, and one of them is going to blow your mind. more »
Assassin's Creed III will be out this Halloween!
With the countdown over the release date and first official trailer of Assassin's Creed III. You can expect this new outing with brand-new player character Connor while he battles his way through the American Revolution. Officially out on Xbox… more »
Put out some fires in our review of Airport Firefighter Simulator
Airport Firefighter simulator is one of those games that you dismiss for being another quickly booted out simulator, but infact plays out with a half-decent career mode, and attempts to actually be a good game. more »
The all-improved All Zombies Must Die! is heading to Steam!
Doublesix have announced that All Zombies Must Die! will be coming to PC via Steam, with tweaks, tinkers and the transformation that promises to make it the best version of the twin-stick shooter yet! more »
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler out now
It’s not a surprise that everyone loves Bejeweled, and in this day-and-age you just can’t simply say no to a zombie game. So the real question is why has nobody married the two in a beautifully twisted puzzle-orientated game? more »