Episode 342: Live from E3, Sony and EA conferences
Shownotes: Batman Arkham Origins Counter Spy Doki Doki Universe Killzone Mercenary Tearaway God of War Collection Final Fantasy X and X-2 Dead Nation Walking Dead The Last of Us The Puppeteer Rain Beyond: Two Souls… more »
Episode 341: Live from E3, Xbox conference
Shownotes: Metal Gear Solid V Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold Changes World of Tanks Max The Curse of Brotherhood Dark Souls II Ryse Son of Rome Killer Instinct Sunset Overdrive Forza Motorsport V Minecraft Xbox One Edition… more »
Sony E3 2013 Press Conference round up
With Microsoft showing off a tasty selection of Xbox One exclusive titles, Sony had a lot to show for at their Conference this year, after all, being stated as a console based on the games and not the entertainment, our hopes were very high for them more »
EA E3 2013 Press Conference round up
With a promise of 11 games on show, we held our hopes high for EA’s announcements, after all, as much as some gamers like to think of Electronic Arts as the ultimate evil, they do make some good games. more »
Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference round up
Microsoft is of course one of the biggest names in entertainment with one of the best selling consoles out there… more »
Playstation Plus subscription required for PS4 online play
Amidst the woops and cheers as Sony announced the ability to play used games, and the alluring price point of $399 for the console, one fact that may have passed many watchers and attendees by is how multiplayer gaming works. more »
Welcome to the stylised world of Sunset Overdrive
A great announcement from the Microsoft conference is that Insomniac Games are teaming up with Microsoft to create a new… more »
Announcing Swery65's new game D4
To prove that Microsoft isn't all about explosions, Call of Duty and Halo there were a few surprise titles to hit the Microsoft Media Briefing… more »
Killer Instinct is back, on Xbox One
A very unexpected announcement from Microsoft's Media Briefing was the revival of an old ip that hasn't see a release since 1996… more »
Announcing Halo for Xbox One
As what felt like the finale of Microsoft's conference, although admittedly wasn't, was the announcement of something that all fans out there were awaiting, which was the announcement of a brand new Halo… more »
Check out the new Xbox 360 design
Along with all the Xbox One announcements that were expected and of course enjoyed, Microsoft also showed that it's still supporting the current generation… more »
Star Wars Battlefront returns
Back when Disney acquired Stars Wars I was, lets say concerned about the franchise going forward. I still am concerned for it, I don't trust Disney, but when they licensed the games rights to EA I was fairly happy, albeit sad for LucasArts, who Disney… more »
Free games coming to Xbox Live subscribers
Microsoft announced some pretty substantial changes to the Xbox Live service today during their E3 press conference. First up Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download two free games as part of their subscriptions per month, unlike Sony's P… more »
Xbox One pricing and date confirmed
One of the most important pieces of information that fans were awaiting from the Microsoft media briefing was announced today close to the end of the conference, and that is the price and official release date for the upcoming Xbox One… more »
Plan on watching the E3 2013 conferences? Check out our handy schedule
E3 is almost here, and in a few hours the beginnings of the pre-E3 conferences will commence with Microsoft's conference starting nice at early at 09:30 PST; (17:30 GMT). more »