E3 2013: 1954: Alcatraz preview
An upcoming charming yet gritty point and click adventure which features a location that perhaps isn't explored enough in games. more »
E3 2013: Oddworld New 'n' Tasty preview!
A lovely surprise at the Sony Conference this year was the announcement that Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty would be gracing the Playstation 4 with its glorious presence. more »
E3 2013: The Evil Within preview
If there was a game at E3 which would either be called closest to a modern horror film or best use of tricks on the mind it'd definitely be given to The Evil Within. more »
E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 preview
Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive, but can we expect the same wacky gameplay as the original or has it all gone and changed? more »
E3 2013: Wolfenstein The New Order preview
Wolfenstein the New Order is riddled with Nazi robots in a retro sci-fi setting, we took a look at what they had on offer more »
E3 2013: Saints Row IV developer interview
After we played a little of the game ourselves we couldn't help but interview the lovely Scott Phillips, Design Director at Volition who we interviewed last year on Saints Row: The Third, what a coincidence! more »
E3 2013: Killer is Dead preview
Killer is Dead is a game based on assassins, yes another one, it may sound like old ground for the executive producer who has now helped to create four games on the subject; if you include demon hunters, and he's got a good reason for it too. more »
E3 2013: Best of the Show
Say hello to Gamercast's top games of E3 2013! more »
E3 2013: Skylanders SWAP Force preview
It was no surprise when last year Skylanders Giants launched, but with Skylanders SWAP Force at this year's E3, is it too soon? more »
E3 2013: Warframe PS4 preview
Digital Extremes' Warframe, a new free-to-play co-operative game on the Playstation 4 perfect for those with a penchant for ninjas and third person shooters! more »
E3 2013: Bound by Flame preview
One particularly obscure title that we were looking forward to finding more about at E3 2013 was Spiders Studios' Bound by Flame, a new Action RPG in the works more »
E3 2013: Blackguards preview
When Blackguards a strategic RPG was announced by the adventure game powerhouse development studio Daedalic Entertainment everyone was a little surprised more »
E3 2013: Forza Motorsport 5 preview
Forza is back in the more than capable hands of Turn 10 Studios, and their latest in the series Forza 5 marks a new era of the racing simulation more »
E3 2013: Murdered Soul Suspect preview
Murdered Soul Suspect is a breath of fresh air as it really goes to show that not everything has to be about shooting these days more »
E3 2013: Lightning Returns preview
In Lightning Returns, where FFXIII's Lightning wakes from a five hundred year slumber to find out that she's got 13 days to save the world from destruction. more »
E3 2013: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse preview
If there's one game that is fondly remembered by gamers of the old days it will be one of Mickey Mouses adventures, and whether it was a Land, Castle or World of Illusion, your carefree childhood days of games are about to be given life, thanks to Seg… more »
E3 2013: rain preview
We had the privilege of playing the first level The Children and the Night that introduces the idea of the game through illustrative cut scenes, and our goal; a single pair of eyes visible through the rain. more »
E3 2013: DuckTales Remastered preview
DuckTales is back thanks to Capcom and WayForward, we only hope that there'll be a running theme of more games like this! more »
Episode 343: Back from E3
Shownotes: E3 2013 previews (2:40): Dead Rising 3 Crimson Dragon Fable Wolfenstein The New Order The Evil Within Elder Scrolls Online Thief Murdered Soul Suspect DuckTales Castle of Illusion Castlevania Lords of Sha… more »
E3 2013: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare preview
After watching the announcement of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, we needed more! Whilst they didn't have the game playable on the show floor, there were frequent presentations more »
E3 2013: Alien Rage preview
Alien Rage is best described as an old-school style shooter, it's challenging, score based, high-octane and very, very explosive, as soon as you land on the mining facility you best give up hope of the aliens playing fair more »
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It's that time of year again and with E3 2013 over we've gone through all our items and picked out what we're giving away! So watch the video below to see what you have a chance of winning! more »