E3 2012: Broken Sea announced
After sampling the delights of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing; an upcoming action RPG from Neocore Games, we were privy to an announcement for their next title in the works Broken Sea, an all new IP for the Hungarian developers. more »
Sine Mora announced for Vita
One snappy announcement made during E3 was for this year's fantastic XBLA hit Sine Mora that brought the side scrolling shooter back to the limelight in redefining the niche subgenre with fantastic presentation, well Playstation Vita owners must be thri… more »
E3 2012: Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive released so many trailers for their mouth watering line up over the course of E3, unfortunately none of the games were on show in LA, so for those that didn't catch them, well here they are! more »