Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag details revealed
We've just had fun playing as Connor in the American Revolution and now the time has come for a new addition to the franchise as Assassin's Creed is of course a yearly release… more »
E3 2012: Transcripted preview
Everyone likes a good twin stick shooter, but not many will have played a twin stick shooter with a Puzz Loop/Zuma style puzzle element within it. I got a little hands on time at E3 with Transcripted, an interesting upcoming puzzle based shooter on Wind… more »
E3 2012: Divinity Original Sin developer interview
Out of all the games at this year's E3 only one was set to revolutionise the way that online works in gaming. Divinity: Original Sin looks to change the tired old traditions of online RPGs, more »
E3 2012: Joe Danger: The Movie preview
During last year's Eurogamer Expo my most played game must have been Joe Danger: The Movie, mainly because I was determined to finish what I had been told was the hardest level playable, which most had given up on.… more »
E3 2012: Hitman: Absolution developer interview
Not only did we get to play Hitman: Absolution at E3 but we also interviewed Lead Producer; Hakan Abrak and asked a few questions about the game after giving it a play and watching their hands-off presentation.… more »
E3 2012: Divinity: Original Sin preview
Whilst Divinity: Dragon Commander is quite a different affair to Larian Studios' usual games, one announcement that was welcomed with open arms was Divinity: Original Sin, a unique party based RPG. more »
E3 2012: Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 preview
For all of those Magic the Gathering fans out there you're sure to be looking forward to the imminent release of the 2013 Core Set. Well there's also something released just before the physical cards are on the shelves and that's Duels of the… more »
E3 2012: Rayman Legends preview
A lot of people's games of last year happened to be Rayman Origins, well Ubisoft aren't disappointing on their yearly showing of games by fully announcing Rayman Legends at E3, even though it may have been announced slightly prior to the show. At E3 the… more »
E3 2012: Of Orcs and Men preview
It takes a lot for a developer to decide that they want to allow players to break away from the norm and experience a story that breaks all the codes of traditional story in games, Of Orcs and Men does just that, and so much more. more »
E3 2012: Omerta preview
Omerta - City of Gangsters in development at Haemimont Games the strategy geniuses that brought us Tropico 3 and 4, it is the equivalent of the modern reboot of the classic Gangsters: Organised Crime more »
E3 2012: Silent Hill Book of Memories preview
After over 10 years of the living town of Silent Hill, the series has, as expected rambled over to spin-off-ville which sparks a new pleasantly surprising title in the series exclusively for the PS Vita Silent Hill: Book of Memories. more »
E3 2012: Lucius preview
One of our favourite games at E3 last year was the horror game Lucius, we got to catch up with the game again thanks to publishers Lace Mamba Global to see how the game has come along. more »
E3 2012: Broken Sea announced
After sampling the delights of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing; an upcoming action RPG from Neocore Games, we were privy to an announcement for their next title in the works Broken Sea, an all new IP for the Hungarian developers. more »
E3 2012: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing preview
One title in particular that we were looking forward to getting our hands on was NeoCore games' The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, creating what they have always loved; the action RPG! more »
E3 2012: KickBeat preview
KickBeat is the new game from Zen Studios, it's perhaps not a genre that you'd expect to see from them with their main foray being in the development of pinball games… more »
E3 2012: Raven's Cry preview
Unfortunately, due to films like Pirates of the Carribean, pirates are far too loveable, however developers Octane Games are hoping to put some variety into the jolly old pirating games with their upcoming dark and adult Raven's Cry. more »
E3 2012: DARK preview
There were two stealth games we were eager to see at this year's E3, one of those was Hitman, however the second is perhaps a lesser known game, that we are so much more excited for, called DARK. more »
E3 2012: Lifeless Planet receives a new E3 Trailer
A game announced a few months back that I'm very excited about is Lifeless Planet an upcoming release from Lace Mamba Global.… more »
Sine Mora announced for Vita
One snappy announcement made during E3 was for this year's fantastic XBLA hit Sine Mora that brought the side scrolling shooter back to the limelight in redefining the niche subgenre with fantastic presentation, well Playstation Vita owners must be thri… more »
E3 2012: Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive released so many trailers for their mouth watering line up over the course of E3, unfortunately none of the games were on show in LA, so for those that didn't catch them, well here they are! more »
E3 2012: The Dark Eye: Demonicon preview
With the promise of a world that changes around you, truly challenging choices to make, and simple but engrossing combat, Demonicon may well be the RPG that both gamers and Dark Eye fans have been waiting for more »
E3 2012: The Cave preview
Announced a short while ago was Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions joint venture; The Cave, they had the game on show at this year's E3 and we couldn't tear ourselves away from the chance to check out the game in action. more »