E3 might have been a while ago now, but we are still reminiscing on some of the experiences that we had, Tim regails tales of combat in THQ's upcoming Space Marine, a game that all WH40K fans should keep an eye on. more »
Silent Hill returns back on form; a mish-mash of all previous games in the series, Downpour appears to have picked and choosed the best elements possible from over 10 years worth of scares, and will please fans of the series to no-end. more »
We had the opportunity to have a look at Daedalic Entertainment's newest adventure game at E3 2011; Deponia, and we verify that it is just as beautiful, charming and off-the-wall as their award-winning Whispered World. more »
If you should be anticipating one game this year its not Deus Ex Human Revolution, it's not Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It's Rayman Origins, we were surprised too, but it doesn't take much to find out why! more »
We love a bit of survival horror with our gaming, so we had to go down to the Capcom booth whilst we were at E3 and get a taste of their newest innovation in the Resident Evil series. more »
We get to grips with Rayne as she's changed a bit throughout the years, you'll be glad to know that she's very fluid to control now, or and she's switched dimensions to glorious 2D. more »
The Darkness was a brilliant, but underlooked shooter of 2007 that blended shooting and a killer story. The Darkness returns in 2011 with a new art style, a new studio and a new age, its been a long time coming, but its worth every year. more »
CD Projeckt Red had a big announcement for E3 2011, and although it was not a new RPG, it was The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360, read why it is going to be one of the best RPGs of 2011. more »
We take a look at Jurassic Park at this year's E3 and agree with Telltale Games that it looks to be one of the most dramatic, most cinematic games ever made with the Telltale engine. more »
With id's Rage just around the corner, having it playable at E3 was just the ticket to help grow the fanbase just before the release. Of course after coming back from E3 we found out about the delay to the original release date that was announced last… more »
We sample the life and times of Jimmy Buffet in Exploding Barrel and THQ's newest Facebook game; Margaritaville Online, and discover why it is not just a game, but a lifestyle. more »
I attended E3 with a select few games set in stone for me to want to definitely check out; you've always got the big titles on your list because you know they're going to be as great as you hoped. One game that I had down on my list was Prey 2, it was a… more »
Welcome to Kill Team, pull up a Space Marine and kill some orks or tyranids or the usual gribblies in a new 40k co-op XBLA/PSN title that is due for release soon. more »
The cult of snowboarding used to see the release of well over 5 titles released every year, that is a thing of the past, however, next year Electronic Arts are testing the waters once more with a revisit to their popular franchise; SSX. We headed down… more »
When we found out that Sesame Street's Once Upon a Monster would be present at E3, we were there in a flash, check out why although you are too good for children's games, that you need this one. more »
One great game that has perhaps been a little unrecognised with the foray of huge announcements from the likes of Halo 4 or FarCry 3 is a lovely little XBLA Kinect title called Leedmees which was announced at the show. When playing or seeing Leedmees… more »
Hitman Absolution was one of the most anticipated games of E3 2011 for Gamercast, and IO Interactive did not disappoint with Agent 47's newest outing, check out why Hitman Absolution could possibly be the best stealth action game ever made! more »
Heads literally roll in the demo of NeverDead that we had the change to play at E3 2011, with a unique gameplay mechanic fused with traditional hack'n'slash play, check out why NeverDead is worth your time. more »
We get a hands on at one of the most surprising games on show at E3, if you're trying to find a truely child-friendly game, look no further, this is the real deal. more »
We check out the latest going on in Steelport; affirm that Saints Row the Third is one of the craziest games to date, and explode some people with our fists. more »
Lucius is a brand new adventure game that is slated for release at the end of this year; we originally wrote a news post announcing the game intrigued by its unique storyline and gameplay elements. We had the chance to see a presentation of it from Lace… more »