The Playstation Vita is named, and a lineup of titles announced; whilst the conference was mainly made up of exclusivities and HD remakes, the controversial Dust 514 exclusivity made the Sony Conference a kick in the teeth for Xbox fans. more »
Gaming is adventure, gaming is sharing, gaming is life rhetoric Its been ages since a new Rayman game, and Michel Ancel was at the conference showing off not Beyond Good and Evil 2, but Rayman Origins, a sharp new addition to the Rayman universe that s… more »
From Battlefield 3, to Sims Social, EA had a little bit of everything for everybody at their conference here, including the announcement of Insomniac's new IP. more »
E3 is here, and in a few hours the beginnings of the pre-E3 conferences will begin with Microsoft’s conference this morning at 9am; (17:00 GMT). Shortly followed by EA, Ubisoft, and Sony that will keep many entertained before E3 begins tomorrow June 7th… more »