Thanks to the great people at Ubisoft, Myself and Tim headed down to the Reading Gamerbase for a taste of Splinter Cell: Conviction before it hits stores next week. As soon as we had the chance, we hit the singleplayer campaign; we really enjoyed the… more »
The Doctor and newly appointed companion; Amy will be making the journey from your television screen to your home computers this summer as the BBC announces Doctor Who: The Adventure Games; four interactive episodes that will be made available for free… more »
Harvest Moon returns to the PSP, and promises to be one of the deepest Harvest Moon games yet, boasting a branching storyline and multiple endings. You must save Leaf Valley or the heartless Funland Corporation is going to bulldoze the town and replace… more »
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are pleased to announce that F.E.A.R. 3, which promises intense combat, an evolved cover system, a compelling narrative; co-written by comic writer genius Steve Niles, co-op play that is assured to evolve the… more »
As a thank you from the Just Cause 2 team for all the carnage produced in the last two weeks, players can now ram, smash and crash their way across Panau in, yes, a pimped-out ice cream van! The Chevalier Ice Breaker is available now for Xbox 360, PS3… more »
Ever wanted to be in charge of Air Traffic Control? No, far too significant a job, that’s what we thought, however the guys over at Nemesys Team Studio are giving gamers the chance to give it a go in their new title Airport Control Simulator. As an Air… more »
Nintendo have got a great line-up of games in stall for us across their platforms; first of three great games coming out on the Nintendo consoles these coming months is Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sequel to the hit original that revolutionised the Mario… more »
We at Gamercast are delighted to hear that the marvellous Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle is now complete; the one to four player co-operative episodic PSN title developed by Relentless Software, saw its final three episodes… more »
We love our WiiWare titles at Gamercast, so we were ecstatic to hear that the hit WiiWare title in Japan is gracing our stores in Europe, this Friday, the 9th April. Akaoni Studio’s Zombie Panic in Wonderland is a frantic third-person-shooter, where… more »
Well, we’ve been waiting with extreme anticipation for Alan Wake for the past 5 years, and now Microsoft are thanking us for our patience by announcing that Alan Wake will be hitting stores on Friday 14th May 2010, a full week ahead of its original… more »
If theres a genre that two members of the Gamercast team go crazy for, its Simulators; we’re not talking your bog standard Microsoft Flight Simulator, or Railworks, we’re talking obscure, we’re talking the simulators that the common folk would not even… more »
Now comes the age-old question, Pirates or Ninjas? Well, London developers Beatnik Games have made the decision for you as you take on Suicidal Ninja Robots in a world where all other robot ninjas must die! Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game all… more »
EA have announced today that a demo for Skate 3 will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network on April 15th, the demo will give players a taste of the University District in the all new skater’s paradise of Port Carverton with a… more »
It's the worst thing that could happen; having your princess stolen one night from her heavily secured room in your castle... it must be monsters! Or at least that's what "The Duke" assumes in what is possibly the cutest and most humorous PSN title to… more »
Since the sequel was announced to the amazingly unique No More Heroes, Gamercast have been waiting, now the wonderful people at Rising Star Games have confirmed that the highly anticipated No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle will be released throughout… more »
Many readers may not be aware, but Monster Hunter has an absolutely huge following all over the world, specifically on the Sony PSP where players still devote hours of their life to the incredible game, it has its own cult status of sorts, and diehard… more »
Well it's been, and quite thankfully its gone; April Fool's day gets bigger and bigger each year with the gaming community, and it's somewhat enjoyable seeing what websites and companies dream up to fool gullible gamers. Gamercast's host Paul has… more »
Marvel and Activision have teamed together yet again to bring us another multi-format Spiderman title, and this one is called Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. This new game is in development by Beenox and is currently scheduled for a September 2010… more »
Gamercast is pleased to announce the next game in the Blood Bowl franchise, in development by the original developer Cyanide and to be published by Focus Home Interactive, they are now teaming together to bring us Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. In the… more »
The Conduit much like Gamercast favourite Dementium, was also a hit miss title, players either loved the game, or hated it. Well now SEGA and High Voltage Software have announced the sequel, The Conduit 2, which is once again a Nintendo Wii exclusive,… more »
Based on the incredibly popular Miniclip online game that has been played over 60 million times worldwide, Sushi Go Round has had a complete redesign for the Wii and Nintendo DS, to give old and new fans a fresh challenging experience that requires you… more »
The Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage is the second adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work; players will reprise the role of detective Howard Loreid, as he unravels his past, discovering that some memories would be best forgotten. The Dark… more »