Electronic Arts have announced a host of Mass Effect 3 pre-order DLC that will be available in the UK from select retailers. Electronic Arts seem to favour GAME and their Origin service at the moment so we aren't surprised with which retailers have the… more »
If you are interested in seeing Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games' forthcoming role-playing strategy you're in luck, the developers will be live-streaming the prologue campaign today. more »
Six months after being released in the arcades and on home consoles, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 finally makes its way on to the 3DS. But does it do enough to stand out amongst the big names of Street Fighter and Dead or Alive? more »
Are you a trusty knight? Well ride upon your steed and get yourself to Steam to pre-order the forthcoming RTS/RPG King Arthur II – The Role-playing Wargame because you’ll receive the Prologue Chapter of the game; Dead Legions for free, right now! more »
Sega have officially announced that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II will be released this year after Episode I's success since its launch in 2010. SEGA aim to make Sonic 4 Episode II faster and better than the Episode I and have addressed some features… more »
The concept is simple; in Bust-n-Rush you must switch from lane to lane, dodging obstacles, and traps and busting objects to increase your score in this fast paced addictive game. more »
2011 has been another year filled with countless re-releases and overly boring sequels. With no decent sequels that everybody wants like Homeworld 3, Elite 4, Freespace 3 or MechWarrior 5 anywhere to be found. So what have I ended up playing this year?… more »
The year has come and gone, and there have been some absolute gems released, and some pretty bad examples of games, we’ve gotten together at Gamercast.net and have gotten the team to all decide upon their personal top five games of 2011. more »
2011 has been one of the biggest years for video games to date, not only are games becoming ever more popular as the years go on, but we’ve seen some amazing releases, particularly in the last quarter of this year. Sadly we have also witnessed a few… more »
The year has come and gone, and there have been some absolute gems released, and some pretty bad examples of games, we’ve gotten together at Gamercast.net and have gotten the team to all decide upon their personal top five games of 2011. more »
The crew at Gamercast.net wish everyone Happy Holidays and a hope you all have a brilliant New Year. more »
We love our small independent operations at Gamercast, but a one man army? Well Vivec Entertainment has announced the release for their spine-chilling adventure-horror; Shadow of a Soul with a trailer; the first in a trilogy for the one man studio. more »
The third and final chapter in Adam’s Venture has been officially confirmed for a release by the end of March 2012. Adam’s Venture 3: Revelations follows the story arch of Adam, Evelyn and the Clairvaux Corporation comes to a shocking conclusion. more »
We recently reviewed the Polish survival horror; Afterfall: Insanity very recently and mentioned that the game would soon be available via the popular on-demand free game streaming platform OnLive. more »
This week: News (0:50): Steam Holiday Sale The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I am Alive Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances Grand Theft Auto III Mickey's Wild Adventure Tales of Graces f Alan Wake Lollipop Chainsaw Aion Duke Nukem Forever Disney Universe… more »
We take a walk through the dark corridors and sublevels of the shelter 'Glory' in Afterfall: Insanity a new survival horror that mixes so many games on your shelf you'll feel a familiarity with the game that evolves like a well matured cheese! more »
Paradox Interactive have released the third in a series of live action trailers for their upcoming, highly anticipated grand strategy title; Crusader Kings II. Get ready to experience the trickiest of sins in Crusader Kings II; lust. more »
Hello Games have revealed the free Santa DLC pack available exclusively to owners of Joe Danger: Special Edition; act fast though, Santa doesn't like to hang around, and he'll be gone after Christmas! more »
Deep Silver have released an interactive video for the forthcoming action-adventure puzzle type game Catherine. The video lets you decide what relationship type you are, do you prefer the seductress Catherine, or the Vincent’s long-time girlfriend… more »
The X Universe is a universe in flux, and Albion Prelude will prepare players for things to come in as the launch of the all new X-Rebirth draws closer. more »
We take to the slopes in Ski Region Simulator and find an engaging and simple management game that sneaks in a few vehicles as you care for your Ski Resort in the beautiful Swiss Alps. more »
Kalypso have announced yet another publishing deal after last weeks news, however this will see an exclusive expanded retail edition of Flying Wild Hog’s cyberpunk First-Person Shooter; Hard Reset. more »